Part Four
by Sameshima Shuzumi
1575 wc ~ NC-17! ~ Doku X C
Frankly, I'm amazed you've read this far.

WARNING: this is non-consensual sex, PWP, utterly perverted, and it serves no other purpose than to warp the psyche of the general populace, the author included. Snakes snakes snakes! Turn back now if you can't handle it!

Cye woke to the feel of a forked tongue on his eyelids. The dark beady eyes of the Burmese python hovered just inches from his face. The rest of the snake secured his arms above his head. It was pitch black again, but somehow Cye knew that Sekhmet was still in the room.

He took stock. He was still naked, except for the tangle of snakes wrapped around him. A line of blood had clotted on his cheek. His arms ached from being restrained. Otherwise... no injuries. No scars from the venom which usually took a good hour or two in the Torrent armor to heal up.

That’s impossible. I don’t have my armor, and no way can my kanji alone cure that much venom. And I wasn’t dreaming---

Cye shuddered as the memories overtook him. Sekhmet was a contemptible bastard, and he’d humiliated Cye. He tried not to retch... he couldn’t show weakness at this stage. It was all a sick, horrible game. Suddenly Cye realized the python was shivering as well. The large, rough scales, unlike those of the smaller snakes, rubbed against his skin in waves.

...friction? She’s trying to warm me up? And how can I know this?

Then the squarish head tapped his cheek, gesturing like a finger or an elephant’s trunk towards the far end of the room.


The warlord was joined by a gigantic snake. Cye could almost feel its life force, as connected he was with aquatic creatures. He turned to look at the python again, only to see a bluish-white film over its previously dark eyes. Maybe he was imagining it, but somewhere deep behind those eyes, something red sparked.

"Anaconda has decided to join us." Sekhmet was right behind him, where he couldn’t see him. Cye squirmed.

Cold, cold fingers danced across his skin, colder than the snakes which had shared his body warmth, moving in synchrony with the shifting coils. Cye held his peace for as long as he could. Sekhmet spent excruciating minutes touching him. He didn’t need to tell the Ronin to keep quiet; the bushmaster coiled once more around his neck silenced Cye effectively.

And before long, Cye’s body betrayed him. Nipples hardened painfully, neck flushed with blood, inner thighs and buttocks shivered. He was hardening again. But that was just his body, not his mind. It was just like the whole war--- he wasn’t a warrior, but the fighting was a role which had chosen him. He had no choice. ‘Just let go... nothing to be ashamed of. He wants you to feel bad,’ Rowen’s voice reminded him.

But did letting go meant he’d lose this game to Sekhmet? He shuddered as the warlord’s chilly fingers rubbed the insides of his thighs.

"Good. That’s right, Torrent. You’re mine now."

No I’m not!

A huge weight added itself to the already staggering number of reptiles on Cye’s body. He was tense with the effort of holding back, but the anaconda’s crushing strength was forcing him down. It was at least as thick as Kento’s arm, yet twice as strong. The snake wedged itself between himself and Sekhmet. Cye gritted his teeth as the cool fingers -- they were fingers, right...? -- rubbed the soft skin beneath his balls.

Just as the anaconda balanced itself on his shoulders, Sekhmet ground his erection against Cye’s ass.

"Hnnn---" The sound was cut off by a quick movement around his throat. Cye shook his head in panic, trying to kick out as the anaconda coiled around his neck. He had to tilt his head back to keep the snake from choking him.

Sekhmet grabbed his hips, growling. With the help of the snakes clinging to his lower body, the warlord spread his legs apart. Cye struggled, panicked now as he felt movement all around him, and in the room.

The warlord bit his ear. "Do you feel this, hmm?" There was a low rattle, and an abrasive friction between his legs. "An Arabian horned viper. Each of its scales are keeled... like little ridges."

Cye gasped as the snake pressed against his opening. It felt like hundreds of dull knives on his tender skin. Even if he’d entertained the thought, he was too tense to let it inside.

Sekhmet caressed his balls again. He’s trying to relax me...

"AAAH!" A stabbing pain erupted through him. Dizzy with agony he looked down to see the bushmaster clamped on his nipple. Blood trickled out of the wound, exciting all the snakes. He cried out again as the viper behind him forced its way past the ring of muscle.

In the next instant he felt the bushmaster’s jaw contract as it released its venom.

"Aww, don’t cry, Torrent," Sekhmet laughed. "The bushmaster’s fangs are very long. Don’t move and he won’t get any in your blood."

Cye sobbed in relief as he felt the squirt of venom dribble down his chest. In his confusion and shock, he let the viper force its way deeper, the fat rattle wriggling inside of him. There was some slimy substance on the snake, but it couldn’t cushion the rough scales. He hiccuped. The pain and friction had made him harder than before.


"Oh yes, my dear Torrent." The viper forced itself even deeper. Cye groaned as the rough scales brushed against the spot, making him see stars. Like a hundred little scaled fingers moving in unison. The bushmaster was still hooked onto his nipple, and he couldn’t spread far enough to keep the viper from bloodying his entrance. But it felt so good, the pain was too much, his whole body was overloading with pure sensation.

Suddenly the viper pulled out. And something large and wet replaced it.

"Anaconda is not like his kin in the Ningenkai. His is... very much larger than usual." Sekhmet laughed as the relatively painless pressure increased inside of Cye. He shook his head in disbelief as the large snake shifted into better position. Then his eyes widened as he was filled... completely.

Cye whimpered when Sekhmet yanked the bushmaster out of him. It was like ripping out a large pin. Tears streamed freely. The anaconda slowly began to press around his neck. One of Sekhmet’s hands wrapped around his blood-red member, and the other---

"Haahhuhnn, no, no, no, please...!" The triangular head of the gaboon viper hovered over his other nipple. It opened its mouth, strangely beautiful even with its long white fangs jutting out of its gums. Cye stared at its beadlike eyes as the anaconda buried itself deeper.

Something else pressed against his back.

Sekhmet squeezed hard. "Both of his are very much larger."

Another firm, wet member forced its way inside. Cye threw his head back, feeling as though it was splitting him apart. At that moment the gaboon viper struck. Pain radiated through his body. Before he could scream, the anaconda choked off his air.

Cye was getting light headed. The anaconda was driving right against his prostate. Sekhmet was increasing his pace on his shaft. Everything hurt so much... but the heady mix of sensations had his body thrumming with pleasure. His world shrank down to the movements deep inside him, the tugging on his penis, the blinding pain.... running out of air...

Shuddering uncontrollably, Cye came harder than he ever had in his life.

"Where the hell are we?" Kento placed a hand on the limestone walls, trying to get a read through Hardrock.

Sage shot a look at Rowen, who looked pale against his dark blue subarmor. "Anubis said this was the cavern beneath the warlords’ quarters. It’s nowhere near Talpa’s throne room. All we do is follow the water source to Sekhmet’s rooms."

Ryo followed the soft glow of the Ancient’s staff, set firmly in White Blaze’s jaws. "Wish he could have come with us. We need somebody else to hang on to the staff."

Sage shook his head. "Talpa would have found us right away, even with the masking spell. Anubis is not completely cleansed of the Dynasty influence. Besides, it’s better than Mia hanging on to it."

Ryo and Kento shared a quiet chuckle. Rowen was silent.

"Hey, Ro," said Ryo softly. "You picking him up?"

Rowen looked down at the Torrent armor orb in his hands. It was reacting to the water currents in the ground, but the link to its bearer was dulled. "I think he’s passed out. It was... pretty intense..." Suddenly he stopped.

"Ro? Rowen!" Sage caught him as he doubled over and threw up. "Rowen, block the link."


"Block it. We don’t need him to find Sekhmet. Rowen. Look at me."

Shuddering, he managed a weak glare at Sage. "He needs help. Like, yesterday."

Sage kept his voice calm and even. "If he’s having a nightmare, then he’s safe."

Ryo appeared with a flask. At Mia’s insistence, they’d brought rations and a first aid kit this time around. Ryo poured some onto his palm and let Rowen drink a little.

"...I’d rather have the nightmares," he mumbled under his breath. "I’m having fucking flashbacks, and I’m only getting bits of the picture... shit." He went into a coughing fit.

"All the more reason why you should block it, Ro." Ryo said through gritted teeth. "You have to concentrate."

"We’re gonna kick his ass, Ro." Kento said. "But we gotta keep moving."

Rowen turned his head. He could see Kento’s subarmored hand clenching and unclenching.

"Yeah. Let’s go."

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