Part Three
by Sameshima Shuzumi
1280 wc ~ NC-17! ~ Doku X C
I suggest taking a breather...

WARNING: this is non-consensual sex, PWP, utterly perverted, and it serves no other purpose than to warp the psyche of the general populace, the author included. Snakes snakes snakes! Turn back now if you can't handle it!

"Anaconda..." Sekhmet cooed into the roomful of snakes. "Here baby, I’ve got a little snack for you."

Cye’s eyes widened.

Raucous laughter echoed through the room. Sekhmet slapped Cye’s butt. Another snake crawled over the stung skin. "Oh, he’s not going to eat you. They can make a meal out of a small child, though they usually dine on caiman. You know, caiman, those Amazonian crocodiles. He’s a very special one, even among his own kind. For you..." Sekhmet chuckled. "For you, he’ll come out of the water."

There was a stirring at one end of the room, quite unlike the other noises in the room. Cye realized there was a pool of water over there; it was probably where the sea snakes had brought him. He filed the information away for later. Like once I get out of this. I will get out of this. In his mind’s eye he saw Rowen’s face. I have to.

Sekhmet turned. A muscle was twitching in his face.

Something’s wrong! Cye felt a brief surge of hope.

"Thought I’d go easy on you, Torrent?" Sekhmet hissed in his ear. He lapped at his earlobe, making Cye shiver. Then Sekhmet’s tongue was replaced by a much more ominous presence.

"This is a bushmaster."

Cye bit his lip as the huge viper’s hiss filled his ear.

Then he gasped as another tiny snake crawled onto the edge of his erect penis. He chanced a look downwards. Sekhmet ran his hands up and down Cye’s flanks, but the yellow-green snake riveted his attention. As engorged as his penis was, he could feel every scale as it wound around, all the way to the tip. Sekhmet began to suck on his throat as the bright little snake slowly squeezed.

A moan escaped him. The pressure wasn’t enough to hurt him, on the contrary... he shut his eyes, trying to will away the jolts of pleasure running through his body. It was such a strange sensation. Not like a hand or a mouth, but an even pressing from all sides, the slightest movements touching every sensitive surface, like silk or metal, so cold yet growing warmer by the second...

The snake seemed to sense his mounting excitement. Its coils sped up. Then, involuntarily, his hips thrust forward. His erection grew, taking the snake with it.

As Sekhmet pressed against him, Cye felt his face redden with humiliation. With a supreme effort he held back. As frightened as he felt, he wasn’t going to give the warlord the satisfaction of knowing he broke this easily.

"Very good, Torrent."

Cye’s eyes snapped open.

A dark, medium sized snake was flicking his tongue at the tip. It didn’t look like a viper, but--- "Aaah!" It dabbed at the slit. Cye bit his lip so he wouldn’t cry out again.

He kept silent even when the snake yawned. Its jaw seemed to unhinge. Its scales stretched. And without further warning, its wide open mouth clamped down on the tip of his penis.

"Ummhn!" Horrified, Cye watched as the snake stretched to engulf his member. It was squeezing too much, going too slow, and gods it felt so slick and smooth... He cried out as the snake took another mouthful, the tiny teeth hooking into the skin. Blood gushed out of the small cuts. The bushmaster chose that moment to brush his cheek. Cye’s breath caught painfully. He was going to go crazy...

"That is an egg-eating snake, Torrent. Don’t worry about him, he’s used to swallowing things that are bigger than his head." Sekhmet began to toy with his nipples.

Too much... The snake edged further, the tiny muscles rippling to pull him deeper. It was almost like taking, except the warm, human pressure was lacking.

"And the little one you met is an eyelash palm pitviper," breathed the warlord. "It’s a very bright little thing. It hides in tropical flowers..."

The viper’s small head poked at the base of his penis, just above his ballsack. Cye’s breath sped up.

"And with one bite it can kill small birds." Sekhmet waved a hand in front of his eyes, thumb and forefinger extended. "Say, perhaps yae big?"

Tiny fangs dug into his skin. A scream ripped from Cye’s throat. Fiery pain shot through his groin.

Through his teary haze, Cye heard Sekhmet say, "The venom is in your seed, Torrent. Either release it, or die."

The egg-eating snake claimed another inch of flesh. The poison was burning where the pleasure didn’t. Struggling against the snakes and the warlord holding him still, Cye orgasmed. The snake’s muscles squeezed and relaxed in time with the aftershocks, absorbing every last drop. The pain ebbed.

Light-headed, Cye wept as the bushmaster’s fangs brushed his skin. It was drinking up his sweat, and the blood on his face.

He fainted as Sekhmet freed the snakes from his member, the warlord’s laughter ringing in his ears.

Rowen grabbed the red-haired man and shook him. "You’ve got to open a portal!"

Anubis stared at him calmly. "It is not yet time."

"When is it the right time?! When Cye’s dead?!!" Rowen stopped short. The others froze. No one had mentioned the possibility before now. There was a sobering silence.

Anubis sighed. His voice was soft yet it filled the forest clearing. "Rowen of Strata, I understand your distress. But I have been entrusted with the Ancient’s staff only recently. I may not be able to open a portal."

Mia stepped forward. She had arrived from her research trip early that morning, and they had set out right away. Boldly she approached the man who had been their enemy for so long. "Anubis, I was entrusted the staff once as well. If the Ancient gave it to you... perhaps he meant for you to try."

The former warlord considered the young woman. "Even then, I am concerned about this rescue. I am fairly sure that Talpa is alive---"

"What?" said Sage. He was impeccably dressed as usual, but dark circles of worry and sleeplessness marked his eyes. He’d meditated all night to locate Anubis. "How do you know?"

Anubis smiled grimly. "I know Sekhmet. He would not attempt an attack from a weak position. As much as I know he wishes to settle a score with Torrent, he would not risk retaliation from all four of you unless he were following orders."

"So what’s the problem with bustin’ into the Dynasty!" Kento yelled. "Does the staff really want us to leave Cye there?"

Anubis closed his eyes. "It is that foolhardiness I am worried about, Kento of Hardrock. With Talpa and his minions possibly on the rise, and the Ronin Warriors short a member, the side of Good is at a distinct disadvantage." He opened his eyes and met their gazes, one by one. "With this staff, the Ancient has entrusted me with the fate of humanity. I cannot permit you to embark on a suicidal mission."

Rowen started, mumbling obscenities under his breath. A hand on his shoulder stopped him. Ryo. "Anubis, what if we gave you our word that we would rescue Cye and nothing else? We’ll go in and get him and be back." He glanced at Rowen. "We won’t try to take on Talpa or anyone else."

The blue haired boy looked at the others. Sage held his eyes the longest, his lips set in a stern line. "Yeah." Rowen nodded at Anubis. "We’ll get him and leave. No unnecessary risks." Much as I want to blast that Sekhmet into a quivering pulp...

The red-haired man donned his hat and bowed. "Then I will see what I can do."

Hang on, Cye, we’re coming.

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