Welcome to the Gundam Wing section of the RfP network. Here are all of Shusu's yaoi GW fan fiction, both finished works and teases. That means graphic sexual situations between and among males. If you're under 18, you are NOT allowed here. There are many archives and rec sites with permission to host these fics, and I will list them when I can. Otherwise, as always there is no direct linking allowed.

Updates Everything is new! Edited fics are as follows: "A Guide to Better Hugging," and "Tightpants".
The newest tease is: "Mission: B.M.B.B." part 2.

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Not that I really think anyone would... but if you copy, alter, or use these works without my consent, I will find you and obliterate you so completely that you'll wish I used the meat hook instead.

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GW Fiction by Shusu

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About the Chihuahua Princess of Tease

Teases / Continuing Series

My whip-bitch, Epyon. I can no longer find where I adopted him from.

wc = word count :: » = attraction :: + = shonen-ai :: / = couple :: x = sex :: 1 = Heero :: 2 = Duo :: 3 = Trowa :: 4 = Quatre :: 5 = Wufei :: 6 = Zechs :: 9 = Noin :: 13 = Treize :: Mz = Meiser :: Ab = Abdul
BMBB = "Mission: B.M.B.B." :: "Hugging" = "A Guide to Better Hugging" :: Kim/KiH = "Kreuzweg im Himmel"

Shusu says:
A yes. My PWP fandom. Truly I loved GW more for the politics, but without access to the Cartoon Network, my fic production is all but halted. Can't write the pretty boys without the politics. Still, I had a lot of fun... especially proving these bishounen are intelligent and not emotional pansies. If a bit focused.

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