Part Five
by Sameshima Shuzumi
1403 wc ~ NC-17! ~ Doku X C
Suspense kills. Friends don't let friends read teases.
This is by far the most psychologically disturbing of the torture sections. Many thanks to Setzer for coming up with a physically possible way to do part of this.

WARNING: this is non-consensual sex, PWP, utterly perverted, and it serves no other purpose than to warp the psyche of the general populace, the author included. Snakes snakes snakes! Turn back now if you can't handle it!

Cye was breathing shallowly, feeling the anaconda uncoil from around his neck. The pain... was nothing. He hurt in the places he’d expected to hurt. Sekhmet had no interest in permanently harming his prey; at least, not physically. Not yet.

The pleasure hurt more.

Some part of him contemplated bitterly that Sekhmet knew exactly what he was doing. The build-up had been gradual, the pain administered in short sharp shocks to coax him in the right direction.

I can’t control this. I can’t stop him. The only question now is... do I want it...

His listless eyes were drawn towards the anaconda. Something about its life force... some key to the puzzle. Mammalian eyes were so much easier to read...

"Pay attention, Torrent." Sekhmet was out of breath. Idly, he wondered if the warlord had cum. "I need you with me." Then you won’t have me. I can just as easily leave... my spirit doesn’t need my body...

"You are going to want it."


For a moment Cye wondered if that was his own voice. Cold. Unfeeling. It seemed to chorus dully in his mind... another piece of the puzzle.

"They think you’re the softest, don’t they, Torrent... they underestimate you."

It was like a tidal force, slowly pushing, slowly building... what was it... the answer was so close.

"I made that mistake once. I did not make it again." His arms and legs were beginning to ache again. Maybe if he hid even deeper, he’d stop feeling them altogether. Sekhmet continued, behind him, around him. He didn’t care. "It seems your comrades have still not learned."

Suddenly a searing pain enveloped his body, snapping him back to reality. The power was as old as his armor, smothering his attempts to escape. With a shock he realized it resonated like his armor link.

"Tell me the truth, Cye of the Torrent. Do you... do you want it?"

Every detail of his captivity flashed before him. He shuddered as every detail of his degradation was forced in front of his mind’s eye.

Lips on his skin. How long had they been there?

"They think you’re the weakest of litter. But they’re wrong, aren’t they? You can take much more than that."

My friends love me, he screamed inside.

But that’s not the question.

Answer the question.

"Bastard," he croaked. He swallowed, starting to kick out against the living restraints. "You bastard. If you want to so bad, then give it to me!"

Sekhmet growled, yanking him back and pressing his growing erection against his spine. The sudden movement disturbed the snakes into an outburst of hisses and rattles. No keeled scales this time; like silken ropes the writhing bodies caressed his chest and thighs. Then Cye felt a tendril of energy emanate from the warlord. He knew what was coming. His cheeks burned as his penis reacted to the realization, but he kept struggling.

Emerging from a living curtain of snakes, the egg-eating snake unhinged its jaw and hovered before Cye’s swollen member. Cye tried to shake it off, but in his position the move turned into a thrust. He cried out as pleasure jolted him.

"...never... never be yours..."

"SILENCE!" With that Sekhmet shoved into him. Cye shivered as the pain almost instantly transmuted into a delicious heat. But Sekhmet could feel his resistance. "Fer-de-lance, death adder," he growled. The energy rippled the air over Cye’s shoulder, and the serpents appeared before him, ready to strike.

There was movement in the corner of his eye. Pain lanced into his shoulder as a brown snake bit and injected venom.

It happened too quickly. Cye was screaming. His shoulder and arm were swelling, his muscles feeling like barbed wire. To his relief, Sekhmet bit down on the wound and sucked the venom out.

To his horror, the pair of snakes struck, entering his open mouth.

The flash of the Halo sword was the only warning. "Heads up!" Cried Sage, but not before a wicked pair of spears narrowly missed lopping Ryo’s ears off.

It was just a hundred tin cans, but in the bottleneck they had very little space to maneuver. "To arms! There are too many of them!"

"So much for a sneak attack... Tao Gi!"

Rowen donned the Strata armor, casting a glance at the subterranean lake just ahead. They were so close... His eyes hadn’t adjusted to the darkness; he only hoped some of his arrows were hitting. Wait for us, Cye...

/Damn it, block the link!/ It was Sage. Sparks flew off the rocks as he swung his sword. /You didn’t hear Kento say not to use our sure-kills. It’ll bring the cavern down on us./

Angrily Rowen snapped the link completely. Multiple arrows flew out of his quiver. He was shooting them as quickly as he could get his hands on them, dropping some of them in his haste.

Dimly he realized Sage was blocking all the close-range blows. He caught Sage’s eyes, luminous in the gloom, but the swordsman just shook his head and continued defending him.

"More from the other side!" Ryo was momentarily pressed back by the surprise onslaught, but he rallied. They were now nearly shoulder to shoulder, Sage and Kento having to keep their attacks high to avoid hitting their comrades.

Some menacing voice penetrated the darkness. At first Rowen thought it was Talpa, but the goon of the week proclaimed that he was Dala.

Sage cursed, and Rowen felt a stinging on his cheek. One of the swords had connected.

He stopped. Sage and Ryo were screaming in his ear, defending his space. But instead he touched the bloody wound. Pain, he thought numbly. Dala’s voice echoed through the cavern, tinny and fake and arrogant. Torrent’s orb pulsed faintly, reacting to the water so close so close...

He threw open the armor link.

/Faceplates down,/ he ordered curtly. And with that, began to power up his longbow.

"Rowen, no!"

"Our armors won’t do any good against tons of limestone!"

Rowen ignored them. He raised the bow over his head. "Armor of Strata..."

"Do as he says! Faceplates down!"


The snakes filled Cye’s mouth, sliding over his lips and tongue. The strange energy crackled from their scales. He gagged---and let out a muffled scream when both of them bit the back of his throat.

It wasn’t venom. The gag reflex shut down as the nerves there were deadened. His scream was choked off as the pair of snakes pulled their way past his tonsils.

Tears streamed down his cheeks. Sekhmet was thrusting deeply, hitting the spot every time. Cye was blindly pumping into the tight heat between his legs; he could feel the snakes twisting in his mouth and down his gullet. It was too much. Yet part of him wanted more, wanted to feel the fear and pain melt into awful bliss.

Through blurry eyes he looked down to see a small bright snake coil around the base of his penis. Involuntarily he sucked down on the writhing creatures as he recognized it. A coral snake. Red on yellow, kill a fellow, the old childhood rhyme went.

The coral snake squeezed his hardened member.

Cye sobbed, cutting off his air for a moment. He couldn’t escape the sensations now. Even the warlord’s energy was holding his spirit fast. The snakes were tightening their hold on him, so he couldn’t rub against anything, couldn’t relieve the aching pressure. And now he couldn’t cum.

Sekhmet fucked him slowly, murmuring against his ear, tracing his balls with slick fingers. The snakes in his mouth flexed against his throat, reaching into his chest. Sweat poured off him. His body heat was exciting the snakes even more, and they knotted and unknotted frantically.

"Do you want to cum, Torrent?"

Cye couldn’t even nod. His whole body was vibrating with the sensory overload. It felt terrible, it felt sinful... it felt good.

An upwelling of outrage shook him. How could he let Sekhmet make him feel this way? Sekhmet! The one he hated most in the world. This was a feeling to be shared with someone he trusted---


I will trust myself.

Cye contracted his muscles, squeezing Sekhmet’s member. If he couldn’t cum, then his only option was to wear him out.

The coral snake increased its pressure. Suddenly Cye wasn’t sure if that had been a good idea.

Please let me cum, please, please, please...

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