of Fortune
Part 2

by Sameshima Shuzumi
502 wc ~ PG ~
BE WARNED. THIS IS A TEASE. IT WILL NOT BE COMPLETED. Originally "Wheel of Fortune" was supposed to span four parts, and this is the beginning of part two. But I'm not writing any more! (April 2002)

"It’s a good thing you called the gas company before we started digging," Shuu said to Touma.

Through a mess of blue bangs, Touma looked up from the building plans for the kiln. "Yeah, we would’ve blown up half the neighborhood. Ryo’d be happy, he hasn’t roasted marshmallows in a while."

Shuu chuckled. "I’m glad I thought of that present."

Touma bit his lip to keep from snapping at Shuu. Shin hadn’t emerged from the basement in days. When he wasn’t at the pottery wheel, he was talking to his family about the best clays and glazes to order. "Yeah, didn’t cost ya anything, either."

Shuu shook his head. "The wheel didn’t. It’s one of Sayoko-san’s older ones. But the clays cost a bundle." He threw another clod of dirt into the wheel barrow. "I picked ‘em myself," he added a little proudly.

Hearing that tone of voice, Touma straightened, watching Shuu as he broke ground on another section of the backyard. He didn’t speak until Shuu noticed his stare.

"What?" the big man said, wiping his brow.

"Shuu, lemme ask you something." The blue eyes met charcoal greys. "Do you still have feelings for him?"

No question of whom he was referring to. Shuu swallowed, wondering if this was some trap, but Touma’s expression was unreadable.

"Yeah," he admitted softly. "How can’t I?"

Touma sighed, flopping down to sit on the grass. "Kinda figured. It’s a big gift. That’s a lot of clay types you picked out. Even I know they’re the expensive ones."

Shuu approached cautiously, kneeling a foot away from Touma. "I thought about giving it to him last birthday, actually."

A year ago. Shin and Shuu had still been a couple a year ago. Not that there were any actual lines drawn, even when it came to Seiji. They were all pretty free with each other. But when Touma and Shin realized that their chemistry was more than sexual, Shuu had somehow gotten pushed to the sidelines. Touma knew Shin hadn’t slept with Shuu in months. Or with any of the others, now that he thought about it. Till a few days ago, of course, when Seiji had decided to help Shin unwrap his birthday gift.

They could hear the hum of the wheel through the basement window.

"Shin thought it was a kind’f a big gift too," Touma said carefully. "I think he’s worried about you."

Shuu raised his eyebrows. Touma wasn’t... was he?

The blue eyes rose up to meet his, Touma’s lips trying and failing to quirk a smile. "Maybe you should check on him."

"Hey, buddy, are you sure?"

Touma shrugged. "It’s not like I own ‘im. He can make his own decisions." Shuu didn’t quite catch the bitter tang in Touma’s voice.

Shuu got up. "Just so you’re okay with it."

"Yeah." Touma gave him a friendly swat on the rear, covering up a flinch when he discovered why they called him Kongo no Shuu. "Now go on before I change my mind!"

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