a Hot Toddy fic
by Sameshima Shuzumi
1123 wc ~ PG-13 ~ C+?
Just a little ficlet. The shortest thing I've written thus far. [Correction, "The Most Beautiful Sound" takes the prize.] This may be deeply revised later, but for now... just sit back and enjoy ^_^.
SPOILERS for "Ripley's... Believe It or Not" museums!!! Truly, you want to visit one of these places before you read this. Either that, or read it and take a friend or two ^_^. (

It has to be the most erotic part of the body. Sex is all well and good, of course, but the things you can do with this muscle... Touma told me once that it was the strongest muscle in the body, even stronger than the heart. Then he started going on about the differences between heart muscle and tongue muscle, but I'd already taken the hint, and I shut him up. Quite quickly.

I know so much about it. It's a sensual bed of nerves wrapped around writhing muscle. How can it not be erotic? A penis (or cock, as Seiji would put it, when he's plastered or horny) actually has fewer nerves than a clitoris. And a clit, on the other hand, is all nerves and no muscle. Besides, a tongue is always wet. Always ready to go.

People peg me as a uke right away. I don't mind. There are things a uke can do which are actually seme. You don't have to be on top to be *on top* if you know what I mean. And it has mostly to do with the tongue.

The first obvious use is French kissing. I suppose those French had to do something right. Remember how that used to be first base? Or is that second, I don't quite recall. Back then it was exciting and new to have part of someone inside of part of you. A poor mimicry of sex, if you ask me, especially if there's no thought put into it. You can't just slip some tongue and expect that to be the end of it! If you're the agressor, you've got to explore a little. Some people are fighters; they expect you to spar once you get past their teeth. That can fun... it can tingle quite deliciously if you do it right. But you can't lose sight of the kiss itself. Don't forget you're supposed to be moving your lips and maybe even your hands at the same time.

Most of the time you've got to find their own little erogenous zones. It's a rush when they're found. The roof of the mouth, the side, or wherever it is... just flick it and rub it till they're ready to fall off the edge. If the other person has gained entrance, it's best to let them set the pace. Sometimes I get greedy and just sit there and suck. You just feel so close to the person, that warm, moving thing inside you, filling you. There's no feeling like it. The only thing better than that is sex.

Yes, I have a little oral fixation. You've probably figured that out by now. But that's not the best part. The next logical thing to do is licking.

I truly think licking is like outdoor sex. If you do it quickly enough, and skillfully, you can get away with it in public and everyone involved is stoked for days. Oh, really, I do ask for permission first! Usually it's my automatic response to footsie or eating something like a lollipop or any of those other childish games they like to play. It's not just about finding the erogenous zones, it's about knowing their sensitivity. You've got to get just the right balance of exciting and ticklish and wet. There are the obvious places: the earlobe, the fingertips, the lips. Again, you've got to get creative. Where the fingers meet the palm. The tip of the nose, if you want to lighten the mood.

Oh, another thing. If you want to suck anything in public, like a finger or a neck, you'd better be prepared for actual outdoor sex.

In private you've many more options. Run your tongue over the shell of the earlobe. Anywhere that shows a vein... the wrist, the inside of knees and elbows, ankles. How do I feel about toe sucking? It should be clean. A good long shower, with scrubbing. And for your own health, you shouldn't tickle, unless you want a foot in your face. Generally it's not much use unless you've higher targets in mind, you know? Around the navel and the nipples are good places too. It's got to be that just-right combination of ticklish and wet for the tender skin of the belly; the nipples go straight to the vocal cords, so it's quite easy to get them warmed and rosy.

The best places are where any body part turns into another. Where the neck meets the shoulder. Where the leg meets the hip. Where the thighs meet the butt. Where the butt meets the back. Where the balls meet the penis.

Creativity, like I said.

Naturally I use it when I give head... Naturally I'm keeping my best secrets to myself.

Once we were in those Ripley's Believe It Or Not! museums in America. After enduring two-headed calf ventriloquism (Shuu and Ryo think they're so funny), I remembered something a friend of mine had told me. Sure enough, we came to a mirror surrounded by videos and pictures of people contorting their tongues. It challenged us to try those tricks for ourselves.

Touma, oh-so-graciously, said loudly I could beat those amateurs any time. I blushed. I can't help it. So I pretended to be incensed, and easily ambushed Seiji (who seemed fixated on the fellow touching his nose with his tongue), and frenched him right against Touma, who hit the wall with a suprised 'oof.'

They laughed. Even Seiji.

They weren't laughing when they rounded the corner near the end of the tour and saw it was a two-way mirror.

That's the best part of using your tongue. The surprise. There's nothing like that impassioned groan when you've slipped your tongue into places they didn't think you'd reach. The tongue can do so much... squeeze, roll, rub, push, pull, flick, burrow, moisten, vibrate. Just because your mouth is busy doesn't mean the sex is silent. I love to bring them to the edge, till they're begging, calling my name while I tease their labia or head or ass.

Four words. Rimming is worth it.

The best part is one easily overlooked in the heat of the moment. Use your tongue the way it was meant to be used. Taste everything. It is fun to use edible supplements, but that just masks the natural flavor of your lover. Salty sweat, bitter cum, ticklish hair, tender skin, the undefinable liquid heat of a man or a woman. Your sense of smell takes over, and suddenly you can't get enough of that unique musk. I can't tell you how many times I've daydreamed over the kitchen stove, thinking of the exact shape and texture and temperature and taste--

So? Are you free tonight? There's plenty to eat at my place...



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