The Best Laid...
7: All’s Fair in Love and War
by Sameshima Shuzumi
3168 wc ~ NC-17 ~
Sap, angst, and shades of Shakespeare. This is my baby; I hope you enjoy the climax! Yep, the promised lemon at last, after two years.

Disclaimer: The Troopers and the tiger don't belong to me!

The laundry was folded. All he had to do was return the clothes to each person's room.

Shin had never been so terrified of such a simple chore.

He got his and Shuu's clothes first, and carefully replaced them in their respective drawers. Then Ryo's. He took his time, making sure everything was wrinkle-free and sorted.

"Hi, Shin." Ryo hung up the phone. He was in his boxers and began turning down the bed.

Shin noticed that Byakuen was conspicuously absent. "You sleeping early?"

Ryo blinked. "Yeah." A matchbox turned in his hands, and he returned it next to the phone.

Suiko rippled dubiously at that, but Shin kept silent.

"You don't have to do that."

Shin started. Was Ryo disapproving of the whole chase? It made sense, with all the trouble he and Touma had caused. He didn't feel like explaining himself, though. Not when he barely understood it himself. "Hm?"

"I can put away my own clothes, Shin." Ryo turned off the alarm on his clock. "You okay?"

"I'm fine."

"Just... " Ryo ducked his head, hiding behind his bangs. "While you're taking care of all of us, don't forget to take care of yourself."

Shin crossed the room. Gently, he swept back Ryo's hair. "I'll be okay."

He left the room quickly, not wanting to deal with what Ryo was talking about just yet. It was only when he reached the laundry room that he realized what he'd done.

Now he had to go up to Seiji's room to return the laundry. Touma was still reading downstairs, and would likely turn in past one. Since he'd done it for everyone else, he was obliged to do the same for Seiji.

Shin sighed. Nothing else for it. He hadn't backed down from fighting hundreds of youja, and he wasn't going to let the prospect of being alone with Seiji scare him. Carefully he piled Seiji's and Touma's clothes into the basket. Several of Seiji's shirts had been hung up, so Shin hooked the hangers onto the edge of the basket. Thus laden precariously, he made his way up the stairs.

It occurred to him that it made no sense to be scared of Seiji if he wanted him. But by then he was through the door, and Seiji was getting up off the bed to help carry the load.

"Thank you, Shin."

Shin flushed-- Seiji was wearing black pajama bottoms which accentuated his lean figure and brought out the musculature and pale skin of his chest. He fought the urge to drop the basket and back out the door. A pile of laundry in the middle of Seiji's immaculate room just did not belong.

To his relief, Seiji picked up the shirts and began arranging them in the closet. Shin placed Seiji's clothes on his side of the bureau, not wanting to upset the swordsman's meticulous system. Touma's drawers only seemed more haphazard with their random mix of tops, pants, and underwear. Shin had figured out a while back that he arranged them according to fabric type, from the cotton and wool to the stretchy artificial mixes.

Shin's hands were shaking. He closed his eyes and stilled the tremble. Seiji wasn't doing or saying anything. Maybe he could still get away, go for a night swim and think about the whole mess in peace. Maybe it was time to let Touma take the prize.

Then he heard the door lock shut behind him. He froze.

Warm breath raised the hair on the back of his neck. Seiji stood bare inches away from him, smelling of incense and sweat, not touching him anywhere. Shin didn't know if he was frightened that Seiji was so close to touching him or annoyed that he wasn't. It was too much like the previous night when he'd been cornered in the kitchen.

"Your move," came the sultry whisper.

Shin turned. The expression on Seiji's face was neutral, but his lips were slightly open and his chest bared. Too close. Shin pushed him away. Seiji backed up, yet Shin found himself following, step by step, until the blond was sitting on the bed.

Shin loomed over him, his breaths quickening. Lavender eyes stared back at him from behind a fall of gold hair. There was the barest shake of his head.

Something welled in the pit of Shin's chest. It was like despair. This beauty could never be his. Not because he couldn't catch him, but because Seiji would never let someone like Shin get that close. It was too much like surrender. And Shin had the feeling that even when Seiji was bottom, he never surrendered.

Those perfect lips parted. "It would be a waste, after all the trouble you've gone through, to pass up... " And those eyes flashed with pure lust.

He wants me.

Suddenly Shin could think of nothing else. He pressed into Seiji, devouring his lips and tongue and scent. His hands tangled in Seiji's hair, as he ate up the delicious low moans and the firm, toned body against him. The knot in his chest ignited and spread, consuming and urgent.

Seiji managed to pull his feet up. He backed up, drawing Shin onto the bed. Without breaking contact Seiji sat up and pushed down his pajamas. His cock was hardening in its bed of blond curls. "Not so bad, is it?" he murmured into Shin's lips.

Moaning, Shin pulled off his shirt, then captured Seiji's lips hungrily. He caressed the soft skin and hard muscle of Seiji's hip. Seiji yanked off Shin's shorts and underwear. Shin growled softly as he followed Seiji's lips back. Then he yelped as the blond got on all fours, kicked off the pajama legs, and reared up and back to haul Shin onto the bed.

And just as suddenly, Seiji was in control. His strong, callused hands groped Shin's ass, his tongue delved into his mouth, his erection rubbed insistently against Shin's. Greedily Shin's hands explored the pale skin beneath him as Seiji went about immobilizing his body and mind. Shin couldn't get enough, as much as he knew he'd lost control of the situation. It was like gorging on the sweetest ice cream, knowing it was too luscious to be nourishing but unable to stop.

In the back of Shin's mind there was a rattling noise behind him. He ignored it, exploring the lovely expanse of Seiji's neck. Then the door swung open.

Not again, thought Shin.

"Did you want something, Touma?" purred Seiji.

Touma locked the door behind him, not taking his eyes off the scene. His gaze traveled up and down Shin’s back, noting Seiji’s pale hand still cupping his ass. Shin was red as a beet, his blue-green eyes wide and startled. An amused violet eye hovered beside him.

Dark blue eyes narrowed, half in challenge and half desire. Touma shed his jacket and pushed a bewildered Shin aside. On the edge of the bed the archer knelt, then grabbed Seiji’s chin roughly.

"You owe me," Touma hissed at the blond, plunging into the smirking mouth.

It was warm beneath the ice... to his shock, Seiji wasn’t just responding, he was driving into Touma with raw desperation. Touma’s arm wrapped around the soft blond hair and crushed Seiji closer. He moaned as skilled fingers freed him from his shirt.

A movement caught the corner of Touma’s eye. That’s right, little fishy... just you try it. Still deeply engrossed with Seiji’s mouth, Touma pulled them both lower, simultaneously folding one leg and kicking out at Shin with the other.

Shin yelped, and sprang up. Touma’s denim-clad leg was between his thighs. An inch lower, or a second too late... Shin tried not to think about it. Touma continued to perform mouth-to-mouth on Seiji. A tad smugly.

Then he noticed that Touma’s position effectively kept him immobile. An unusually cruel smile appeared on Shin’s lips. Suiko closed the distance.

Seiji cried out. Touma pulled away to find Shin’s body wedged between him and Seiji, his jaw working on Seiji's member. It dawned on Touma that Shin had outmaneuvered him. Seiji moaned, his back arched. Hell, Shin had outmaneuvered Seiji! It was impressive and infuriating at the same time.

Touma fought the urge to squirm away - he couldn’t and didn’t want to concede defeat. He didn’t want to leave Seiji’s trembling arms. Touma blinked at his triumphant rival and then at the intoxicating sight of Seiji out of control. Shin was also still straddling his leg, trapping him. So what then? There was that tempting ivory neck in front of him, begging to be kissed... and the warm, growing friction on his outstretched leg.

That little shit... Touma thought hazily. Seiji tossed his head back as Shin took him down to the root. What do I do now? Seiji was gritting his teeth to keep from screaming. The rhythm on Touma’s pantleg intensified. Shin’s gonna ruin my pants when he cums.

And damn if the other leg wasn’t falling asleep. Touma shifted. He was rewarded by a surprised moan from Shin. Which in turn made Seiji shudder uncontrollably.

Touma’s eyes widened. He had never been one to ignore inspiration.

Shin almost choked when Touma started the chain reaction in earnest, the archer deliberately sliding his leg against the burn. Touma’s aim was quite accurate. The denim grazed his balls, and Shin squealed, the vibration sending Seiji into a moaning fit.

The blond began to squirm so much that Shin had to steady himself on Touma’s bare back. He was hardly conscious of his hand once more exploring the small of Touma’s back, and the smooth, sensitive skin curving below.

Dry mouthed, Touma watched Seiji’s expression, his eyes half closed, gasping with every tremor from Shin. Suddenly the swordsman cried out. His fingers dug into Touma’s shoulders as he came into Shin’s mouth.

Touma bit his lip. He was painfully hard. Shin was still lapping up all the excess, Seiji breathing heavily against him. As expected, his leg was damp from Shin’s cum. And there was a hand down his pants.

A hand?! That... that’s Shin?’

Seiji helped Shin up. The swordsman kissed him soundly. Instead of pulling out, Shin’s hand dug deeper, squeezing Touma’s ass.

"Strip him," Seiji said.

Shin stared. Then he pushed Touma back and ripped his clothes off.

Touma felt like a giant rag doll; Shin’s hands were everywhere, simultaneously yanking and fondling. He flushed as Shin felt him up. Suddenly he was flipped over, his face pressed into the mattress, his ass in the air. There went his underwear. The cool air met his dripping member. He looked behind him at Shin’s flickering pink tongue as the smaller man massaged his backside.

Shin was sweating buckets. He could feel himself harden again. He couldn’t bear to look in Seiji’s direction; just the thought of the blond watching him made the hair rise on his skin.

Then Seiji was by his side again. Shin watched, bewildered, as Seiji took his palm and poured a liberal amount of fragrant oil into it. A lavender eye flicked over at Touma, still dazed, as he got on his knees again.

"Finish up."

Shin’s eyebrows knit together, watching Touma’s body tense. For a moment their eyes met, and then flicked away. Touma found that his mouth had gone dry. Oh God, this might be rough. But they had little choice. Seiji, draped around Shin, was watching them both like a hawk.

Shin dipped a finger in the offered liquid, biting his lip. Touma was visibly trembling. He wanted to tell him that it was going to be all right, but with Seiji so close.... as though prying into his thoughts, Seiji’s cool, insistent fingers slid up Shin’s thigh.

Now or never. At the last instant Touma leaned forward and spread his legs slightly, allowing Shin's finger to enter him. Touma’s eyes fluttered, his mouth opening in a soundless moan.

He’s so tight! /Touma...?/

/I’m not a virgin if that’s what you’re thinking./ There was a bite of defiance in his tone, but also genuine surprise that Shin was even asking.

/But you’ve never--/

Touma’s sending was a cloud of sensation as Shin inserted another finger. /No. Saving it./

For Seiji.

Suddenly Touma’s eyes flew open and he rocked back into Shin’s hand. Just then the blond's stroking fingers closed on Shin’s sex, as though rewarding him for the performance.

Touma bit back screams as gentle fingers ignited heat he’d never imagined existed. As his control slipped, a panicked thought ran through his mind--‘Gotta hold out for Seiji, hold out, can’t... yet...’ Shin was also struggling to concentrate, buried so deep into Touma, Seiji’s hand stroking him, and the feel of Seiji getting hard against the small of his back.

Seiji allowed himself a smile at the vision of Shin’s hand working so deftly beneath Touma’s perfectly curved ass. Everything was going according to plan. Without breaking rhythm, Seiji moved closer to Touma. With his free hand Seiji gathered up Touma’s wrists and held them over his head. Touma was in no position to resist, Shin realized, and he quickly adjusted for the new position.

In a swift motion, Seiji left Shin and hauled Touma closer to the headboard. A set of velvet-lined handcuffs dangled there, previously concealed. Savoring the glazed look in Touma’s eyes, Seiji chained his wrists to the bed.

Shin barely had time to withdraw before the archer’s weight collapsed on his arm, pinning him as well. Touma was practically hanging from the chains. Seiji straddled his legs before the Touma could even think about moving.

Feeling quite empty, still shivering from the effects of the tender friction, Touma glared up at his blond captor. Damn his fucking choreography! He almost kicked when Seiji began kissing down his stomach, he was stretched and ready and fuck-it-all-to-hell-aching to be taken! He caught the mischievous glint in Seiji’s eyes as he leisurely took Touma into his mouth.

The moist warmth was almost too much, too excruciatingly slow. The chains jangled as he strained against them, the velvet barely enough to cushion his wrists. He looked up. Shin was still hovering, trying to support his torso to relieve the pressure from the too-short chains. Looking worried sick. Poor Shin, unused to Seiji’s games. Each breath a low moan, Touma gazed at him, remembering that earlier idiotic kiss.

The flash of emotion in those deep blue irises startled Shin. In the next moment it was gone, ripped away by a mournful groan that dissolved into a sob. Seiji had pulled away.

"Shin." As though he were on puppet strings, Shin looked up at the sound of Seiji’s voice. "Quiet him."

Touma was wriggling in his bonds, desperate to be engulfed again. "Seiji," he breathed. "Please, please, ple--" Obediently Shin’s mouth stopped his pleading.

So delicate. Sweet. Not like Seiji. Touma barely had time to process the kiss when he sucked in his breath. Slender fingers teased his opening, then forced their way in. Even with Shin’s preparations, he was caught unawares by Seiji’s rough invasion. He blinked back tears of pain and desire. Shin kissed away the wetness, holding him tight in his arms.

"Hush, it’s all right," Shin murmured. Touma’s eyelids fluttered, so close to climax, leaning into Shin’s soothing touch. He was held rapt by the gleaming sea-green eyes. Would Shin stay, even if Seiji took him? If Seiji ever got around to it...

Touma bucked in Shin’s arms as Seiji spread him even further. Seiji jabbed in deeper---


Lucky shot,’ Seiji thought smugly.

Shocked, Shin stared at the writhing form trapped in his arms. Not Seiji’s name. Mine! Seiji allowed just enough time for Touma’s gaze to focus on Shin before sending him shuddering again. Long enough for Shin to see that it wasn’t just lust that was shining behind those eyes.

"Sh--Shin," gasped Touma. "Oh gods--!" Seiji planted a light kiss on his painfully erect sex, making his thighs quiver. As he slowly withdrew his fingers, one by one, he blew a soft stream of air over the moisture gathering on the tip. There was a scrape of metal against wood as Touma’s hips lifted; he wished someone would touch him or better yet, take him... his teeth clenched and he shook his head in frustration. He missed the flicker in the avid eyes above him, the sign of a decision made.

Touma felt the moist body slide over him. There was a sharp metallic click. Nani--? The pressure on his arms was suddenly released. Touma reflexively flung his arms around Shin, pulling him down with him. He clung for dear life even as Seiji’s tongue flicked over the base of his scrotum, liking the play of Shin’s lean muscles that he had only briefly touched that morning. After a small hesitation, Shin was kissing him all over, roving up the pale neck, nuzzling his unruly blue hair.

Nails dug into Shin’s back as Touma whimpered piteously. Seiji had disengaged completely. Touma couldn’t think anymore, he could barely see straight, too-shallow breaths making his head buzz. His hand still aching from the cuffs, Touma grabbed Shin’s face.

"Take me," he whispered.

Shin’s jaw dropped. Touma took advantage by licking the incredulous lower lip, biting a little as the shivery ache ran up his spine. It was an unconscious echo of their first, hurried kiss. Shin’s cheeks turned crimson.


"You heard the man, Shin," Seiji said from somewhere beside them.

Touma was stuttering through clenched teeth. "T--take me, damn it, I’m s--s--so close, just fuck mm-- unnh!"

His legs were pressed against his stomach and before he knew it, Shin had shoved into him. A hand still dripping with oil wrapped around Touma’s throbbing sex. Shin was stretching him to the limit but Touma could hardly feel the pain. His body was relaxed, molding and moving around Shin’s heat.

The blue haired boy held his breath. Shin looked... incredibly determined, all his attention centered on Touma. From the other bed there was a muffled gasp; Seiji had come on his own just from watching.

Though Shin was trying to be careful, it was impossible to restrain his movements with Touma’s sleek body engulfing him, the needful noises rising in the archer’s throat. He jerked forward violently, and Touma cried out.

"I’m... sorry, am I---?"

"You’re fine, harder, harder!" Shin pushed deeper, faster, his hesitation dissolving as Touma rose to meet his thrusts, his hand expertly working Touma’s shaft. Shin drove into the tight sweetness with the rhythm and intensity of a swimmer. Touma shook uncontrollably, satiation so close, the warm wonderful fullness better than he'd imagined. Their mouths closed on each other. The kisses were frantic, and the heat of the moment soon propelled them over the edge.

As they both cried out, their climax pouring out long and hard and strong, a solitary figure shut the door on them.

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