a Hot Toddy fic
Spectator Sports Trilogy

by Sameshima Shuzumi
1901 wc ~ NC-17 ~
I'm fairly sure it has something to do with a line from Tenshi no Korin's "Accidents Happen": Voyeurism. Bonus. Should have thought of this WEEKS ago. As for the rest... well, who says The First Time needs to be angst-filled? There's always the Morning After (see special disclaimer).
Special disclaimer: I must blame/thank the MinkChat mailing list for turning this PWP into one of my longest, most elaborate fics, "The Final Score." If not for them, this night of casual sex would have ended here, angst- and hangover-free. So read the sequel at your own risk.

Let the games begin...

It had been a great game. An awesome, history-making, gnaw-your-fingers-to-the-knuckles grudge match. Ryo couldn’t remember a game with more cross-checks, more close calls, more power plays. And the best part was, all of them had been there to watch. Even Seiji had wandered out of his room to see what the commotion was about, and was soon cheering with the rest of them. Then in the second quarter, Shuu had taken advantage of Nasuti’s absence to produce his secret stash of beer. Things had livened up considerably.

Ryo vividly recalled Shin bouncing up and down on the armrest, Touma swearing at the refs till his face went red, Seiji and Shuu high-fiving when their team scored. Oh, it was a memorable night.

Even if he couldn’t remember which teams had played.

"Guys, I can’t hide this stuff anymore," Shuu had said during the station break. "Nasuti checks all my hiding places, and next week we’ll be at school when she’s at home."

Well, they could hardly put all that liquor to waste.

"But, Shuu..." Shin giggled as Touma found a ticklish spot around his waist. Gasping with laughter, Shin attempted to tickle him back. "Shuu, that’s a lot of beer!"

When Ryo came to, he was vaguely aware of a searing pain on his temples. There were soft voices below him, and he wondered if he was floating. ‘Am I dead?’ he thought groggily. He sighed. He’d never overestimated his alcohol limits before. Slowly his vision came into focus, and he realized he was on his stomach, his face pressed against the railings on the second floor. Conveniently cutting off the blood flow to his head. Quite alive. He was a little sleepy and he didn’t want to move, but at least he didn’t feel any nausea. Carefully he slid away from the railing, resting his chin on the edge.

As the dizziness subsided, Ryo was drawn to the scene below. He strained to focus. Shin and Touma were still down there.

Laughter. "Touma-kun, please stop!"

As his vision cleared, Ryo saw that Shin was sprawled across the couch, while Touma continued the tickling game from the seat’s edge. Shin couldn’t seem to achieve verticality. Touma couldn’t seem to stop attacking Shin, going for his hips one moment and his feet in the next. Shin’s slender frame convulsed in a fit of giggles, and Ryo couldn’t help smiling.

Shin made a poor attempt at batting Touma away. He managed to snag Touma’s headband instead, inadvertently pulling the archer closer to his face. The giggling stopped. There was an odd pause as Shin said something Ryo couldn’t hear. Suddenly the blue-haired head leaned over, covering Ryo’s view of Shin’s face.

Ryo had been about to yell at them from above, but all sound died in his throat. ‘They’re... kissing. Why are they kissing?’ His addled mind couldn’t wrap itself around that.

Apparently Shin was thinking the same thing. The red-head jerked back first. "Why d’you do that?"

"I’m sorry," mumbled Touma. Even in his state, Ryo caught Touma’s miniscule shiver as Shin ran a hand through his hair.

"D’you... want to? ’gain?" Shin slurred.

Touma’s pale hand rested on Shin’s cheek. "We’re pretty trashed, Shin."

Shin shook his head, red hair falling over his eyes. He spoke as though lecturing a young child. "How’re we s’pposed to find out if we like it if we don’t try it now?" Ryo found himself nodding. That made sense. Shin was always sensible.

Touma seemed to like that logic too. Again he bent down to capture Shin’s lips.

The kiss was much longer this time. Shin sat up a little to meet Touma, his hand flopping over the archer’s shoulders to pull him closer. Touma’s other hand tentatively rested on Shin’s hips, as though hesitant to touch Shin in this new context. The silent house was soon filled with the sounds of their moans. Ryo began to panic. This wasn’t some drunken game anymore. Two of his best friends were making out right in front of him!

Frozen in shock, Ryo grasped the railings for support as Touma swung a long leg over the side of the couch, trying to gain purchase. He slipped a couple of times, still locked with Shin’s mouth, before finally clambering up to cover Shin with his body. Ryo swallowed as Touma spread kisses on Shin’s neck, an arm wriggling from under Touma to clutch the back of the couch for support.

"Touma... Touma..." Ryo shivered. He’d never heard Touma’s name said like that before. His heart beat even faster when Shin arched up to grind his hips against Touma.

‘God, they’re gonna do something they’ll regret!’ Barely able to move himself, he turned his head to look for someone else to help. He was surprised to see a cloud of blond hair at the end of the hall-- Seiji passed out in front of the bathroom. Elegantly passed out, of course, his last empty beer bottle still upright in his hand. So where was...?

"Hey, Ryo, are you okay?" Shuu knelt beside him, patting his back. "You don’t need to go to the bathroom, do you?"

Before Ryo could point at the scene below, a loud groan sounded from Shin’s throat. Shuu leaned on the railings and paled. "Oh my g---"

"Oh my god, Shin." They were facing each other on the couch now. Their shirts were gone. And Shin had a hand down Touma’s boxers.

A cold sweat broke over Ryo. Touma’s lips were parted in ecstasy. Shin, his face reddened, was gently sucking on his neck. Ryo felt himself grow hard at the sight. Without noticing, Ryo raised his hips off the floor... only to brush his face against Shuu’s hard thigh. He looked up at Shuu, cheeks burning, suddenly hyperaware of the big hand that still rested on the small of his back. He also realized how much smaller he was, compared to Shuu’s frame. Shuu looked embarrassed now, his dusky blue eyes staring guiltily at Ryo.

Belatedly, Ryo saw that Shuu was getting hard too. Here too there was a difference in size. The hand on his back began to stroke him. Ryo’s hips lifted higher. The stroking halted.

Below, there was a series of frantic whispers. Ryo turned to look again, not even thinking about his friends’ privacy anymore. Shin was sliding Touma’s boxers off. Trying to talk him into something. The blue hair shook negatively.

"Please... Touma..."

"No way. I might hurt you."

Shin kissed him long and lovingly. Touma choked down a sob as his boxers brushed his engorged sex.

"Shin, love, we’re so drunk right now. What if we don’t remember?"

Even from that distance, Ryo could see the green eyes glitter. "We’ll remember." Shin slipped out of his boxers as well. "This---" he lifted a leg over Touma "---counts, Touma-chan. This counts. We won’t forget."

Ryo thought he heard Touma sob again. Shin still straddling him, he reached back and dipped his fingers in a half-empty mug of beer. Ryo’s spine stiffened as Touma’s hand disappeared beneath Shin.

He had to lean on Shuu’s thigh for support as Shin gasped at the intrusion. Touma was shaking his head wildly.

"Touma... what’s wrong?"

"I’m scared," Touma answered. Ryo’s breath caught in his throat.

"Don’t be afraid," Shin said, tightening his hold on Touma. "It feels wonderful."

"Ryo," Shuu said, startling him. Ryo was about to ask him what was the matter when it dawned on him that he had been rubbing against the carpet this whole time, his ass sticking up in the air. Rubbing his head against Shuu’s leg.

The hand on his back moved up his spine, and Ryo stretched against it the way White Blaze did. It rested on his ebony hair. Ryo turned to look at Shuu, the hand cupping his cheek in the process. Shuu’s eyes were wide, his lips parted slightly. His skin smelled of musk. Impulsively, Ryo kissed the massive palm.

Shuu pulled away as if stung. Ryo ignored the loud groans coming from below. "What’s wrong?" His gaze was drawn to the obvious erection pushing against Shuu’s shorts.

Hoarsely, "Ryo... don’t. We’ll regret this tomorrow." Where had he heard that before?

Ryo grinned sunnily. "We’re drunk, it won’t matter."

"But I’m not."

Ryo stared at him. "You had just as many beers as the rest of us!"

"But I ate twice as much. ‘M nowhere near trashed."

With an effort, Ryo pushed himself up to lean against the railing, relieving some of the pressure on his aching sex. He stole a glance below. The glance turned into a stare. Touma was pushing into Shin from the side, his face drawn with pleasure. Shin was writhing, pushing back, fascinating little noises erupting from him. Ryo unconsciously echoed the groans as his erection pressed against his cut-offs. He had no idea what he looked like to Shuu: his dark haired leader, teeth gritted, neck arched, hands clenched around the railings, legs sprawled open.

Suddenly his cut-offs were around his ankles. His boxers followed. Shuu leaned close to him, a hand on either side of his legs. Ryo blinked. He’d never noticed how big and blue Shuu’s eyes were. Not tiger-bright like his own, or dark blue like Touma’s. They had almost a greyish tint to them. Ryo frowned. Shuu’s rounded face was usually relaxed, not tensed like this. In fact he was tense all over, his neck, his impressive shoulders, his well-muscled arms. Through a haze of drunken desire, Ryo managed to raise his hand and stroke the set jaw.

Shuu moved in.

They both surprised each other by taking the offensive. It was as though Shuu was trying to devour as much of Ryo’s heat as he could, and Ryo was trying to taste the depths of Shuu’s earthy essence. They pulled back, breathless. Ryo noticed that Shuu’s hand was now resting between his legs.

"Are you going to do anything with that?"

Below them, Shin bit back a scream.

Compelled, the two drove together again, Shuu pumping Ryo with abandon, all shame forgotten in the heat of the moment. Losing his breath in Shuu’s overpowering kiss, Ryo squeezed the rock-hard shoulder, arching back against a trembling bicep. His heels dug into the floor and he thrust his hips into the eager hand.

Shuu pulled back as Ryo began to shake uncontrollably. With a sharp cry, he came all over Shuu’s hand. Ryo sat back, panting. As Ryo’s eyes fluttered, Shuu looked down at his hand, and then at Ryo’s limp form.

"Oh god, Ryo, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to---take advantage."

Ryo shook his head. He was terribly tired, but the dizziness was passing. "No, Shuu. You didn’t... you didn’t take advantage." He peeked downstairs again. The two were also totally spent, but for some reason they were still awake. It occurred to Ryo that they could see him as much as he could see them. He leaned forward, pushing Shuu away from the edge of the railing. Until Shuu was backed into the wall.

Shuu made an anguished sound as Ryo undid his shorts. "Ryo..."

"Just hold still," Ryo murmured against Shuu’s lips. "I’ll make this a night you’ll never forget."

And just as Ryo lowered himself between the tense thighs, he caught a glint of a lavender eye, watching from the end of the hall.


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