Birthday Gift
a Hot Toddy fic
by Sameshima Shuzumi
3906 wc ~ NC-17 ~ TxS

Hellooo, everyone... you know whose birthday it is today? Why, one Date Seiji! He's twenty-seven years old! Anyway, believe it or not I didn't want to tease you again *sweatdrop* so here's a hot little piece of birthday cake for our resident blond bitch. Idea shamelessly stolen from Lady Glen and Zuzanny.

Keep the smelling salts nearby, dearies... (June 2000)

"That was some party!" The blue-haired man fumbled with his keys, distracted by the birthday boy's attentions on the nape of his neck.

"You didn't get me a present," moped Seiji for the umpteenth time. He knew full well what was coming, but it was worth it to watch Touma erupt into an embarrassed blush every time he brought it up.

Touma chuckled. He let Seiji enter first so he could counterattack, starting a doozy of a hickey just above his collar. Hands resting teasingly on the swordsman's waist, he pushed him towards the bedroom.

"Touma," Seiji gasped. Touma loved the way his voice sounded when his control began to slip. "I'm going to get a glass of water."

Reluctantly Touma released his grasp. He swept up the bag full of gifts for inspection. A coffee table book on swords from Ryo, an antique tea service from Shin, and subscription to an American racing magazine from Shuu. There were also several cards and still-wrapped presents from Seiji's other friends. It was hard to shop for Seiji; Touma knew several of his friends and family had spent half a year searching for the right gift.

'Well, maybe this is taking the easy way out, but I guarantee he'll remember my gift for a long time.'

"Touma," said Seiji, glass of water in hand, "now are you going to tell me why you wore that awful thing?"

Touma grinned at his gaudy polka-dotted shirt. He knew it had been driving Seiji nuts all evening. "Colorful wrapping," he purred. He caught him in a lingering kiss. Seiji's mouth was cool and moist.

"So do I get to unwrap my present?"

"Of course... in the bedroom." Seiji scooped Touma up and carried him there. The lights were dim. The bed was strewn with rose petals. Touma wriggled out of Seiji's arms and began to light the candles. "Want anything else? Music? Incense? Toys?"

Seiji eyed the archer hungrily, feeling the numerous bottles and jars on the bedside. "Let's try something different tonight," he said. "Washbasin with warm water, please."

Touma raised his eyebrows, and hurried to comply. For good measure he took several handtowels along. He figured Seiji would expect a marathon night, but he wasn't sure about 'trying something different.' They'd tried just about everything, almost everywhere. He was frankly shocked Seiji hadn't suggested any extra equipment. 'Though there are other nights. It's not as though my little shopping trip will go to waste.'

Seiji was sitting on the bed, fully clothed. Touma set the washbasin down within easy reach, though not too close. Experience had shown that it was not a good idea to put anything right underfoot. Then he stood beside the bed, waiting for Seiji.

The blond looked him up and down. Then he sat up, brushing his lips over Touma's skin as he removed the shirt. /Tacky outfit,/ Seiji commented. A hint of tongue left a trail of wetness on the pale skin.

/A lovely eighties relic./

/I like what's underneath much better./

Touma was dying of curiosity. Among other things. Seiji was going deadly slow, though he was efficiently stripping off all his clothing. Before Touma knew it he was stark naked and still in the dark about Seiji's plan.

Seiji gestured for him to join him on the bed and strip him as well. Touma went a little faster than usual, watching the teasing violet eyes. The blond one was going to keep him in suspense for as long as possible, and he couldn't stand it. There should have been commands by now, or shiny metal, or smooth leather, or at least a friggin' hint as to what the blond had in mind.

With a growl, Touma pushed Seiji onto the bed. "Well, what do you want for your birthday, Seiji?" He was so frustrated it barely registered that they were both naked and both very much aroused.

Seiji's eyes glittered with mischief. "Take me."


"You do know how to do that, don't you?"

"But... that's it?" Touma had to admit it wasn't often that Seiji was on the bottom, but it wasn't that unusual. What was the catch?

Seiji pouted. "And here I was having a nice birthday..."

"Oh, shut up." Touma leaned down to kiss him. As their tongues dueled, their fingers entwined. Touma took his time, savoring the warm lips below him. If Seiji wanted him to be dominant, then two could play the teasing game.

To his surprise, Seiji yielded first. "Please, Touma," he gasped.

Touma's eyes softened at the plea. He sat up, straddling the swordsman's broad chest. Carefully he picked a favorite bottle from his nightstand. "Just tell me, Seiji... what do you really want?"

/I.../ Seiji switched to a low whisper. He almost sounded shy. "I was just watching you at the party. And I had this, this overwhelming urge..." Touma dipped his fingers in the fragrant oil, and poured some for Seiji's outstretched palm. "I wanted... I want to feel you inside me." Touma arched back as Seiji rubbed oil on his member. "All night."

Mentally, there was a sound of a screeching record.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" It was a struggle to keep his voice steady, as wonderful as Seiji's touch felt.

Seiji shook his head, as though he couldn't believe he was asking this. "I kept thinking, the way we usually do things, that maybe I wanted it the other way around. But I'm sure." He stroked the small of his back. Warm lavender eyes met bewildered dark blue. "I love you, Touma. I don't tell you that enough. Just for tonight... I want to feel like we'll never be apart."

Touma shifted to his hands and knees. "Oh, Seiji." They shared a passionate kiss. Touma's breath was ragged. "We won't ever be apart. Not really."

"I know. It must sound ridiculous-"

"No! No, it doesn't. If that's your birthday wish, Seiji, then it would be an honor... and I won't tell the guys about it."

Seiji let out the breath he didn't know he was holding.

Touma laughed softly. "I'm kinda getting off easy, though. You sure you don't want anything else?"

"Just you."

Touma blushed deeply. He was suddenly nervous. "Ah, let's start this way first. I don't want to hurt you." Seiji nodded. The swordsman's breaths were already shallow and fast. Touma couldn't resist; he bent down to kiss Seiji even as his fingers stretched and prepped him.

When he was satisfied that Seiji was ready, Touma poured a little more oil onto his hand. Then he drew the long, muscled legs up against Seiji's chest. Slowly he caressed the sleek legs, leaving a coat of oil from Seiji's ankles to his butt.



Touma pushed in. They both gasped; Seiji hadn't been taken in a long time. Seiji bit the inside of his lip, willing himself to be still. He felt tears forming in his eyes, and he blinked.

Touma stopped. "I know it hurts." He reached up to touch Seiji's face. Seiji drew in his breath, feeling the tears roll down his skin. Not for the first time he wondered what the hell he was thinking. Did he really want this?

The hot length within him brushed the special spot. Sparks of pleasure jolted every part of his body. Touma threw his head back as he thrust over the spot, lightly rubbing it each time. 'Yes... I want this.' Seiji rose to meet his lover's thrusts.

The archer looked incredible above him, sweat glittering in the candlelight, soft lips parted in ecstasy. Suddenly Touma shifted, and he was directly hitting the spot now, driving harder into Seiji's body. A hand closed over Seiji's member just as Touma's mouth plunged forward into his. Seiji felt utterly trapped. His hands knotted in the sheets as he tensed and came, Touma's warm seed shooting within him.

Touma continued to kiss him. Carefully he let Seiji's legs off his shoulders. Seiji sighed as he shifted position, still feeling the stiff member within him. He wrapped his legs around his waist, quite sure now that he didn't want Touma to leave. Already he could feel his body responding again.

Seiji heard himself whimper when Touma withdrew, but he didn't care. Touma clicked his tongue at him. "You're not gonna be able to sit tomorrow, you don't want muscle cramps on top of it."

Seiji growled at him, flipping to his hands and knees. He felt a tentative hand on his ass, and what sounded like an in-taken breath. He pushed back against Touma's chest, knowing the aggression in the supplicating position would rattle the archer. As well as arouse him.

"Damn it, Seiji..." Touma's voice was shaky. "I'm getting more lube."

"Do what you want to do, but do it now!"

Eyes wide, Touma grabbed a towel and laid it beneath Seiji. Then the bottle of oil... he hissed as he touched himself. Seiji smiled; he sounded like he was raring to go. Then a pair of hands were on his hips and the hot, dripping length was pressed against his opening. Seiji caught his breath as he was penetrated... such a feeling of wonderful fullness...and moaned as Touma began to ride him. Oil-soaked hands closed over his member, increasing his pleasure ten-fold. Then, as Touma's thoughts spilled into his, he caught what his lover was trying to do.


/Hush. You'll love this./

Seiji groaned, trying to push away from Touma's hands, but that only impaled him further. Touma knew exactly how to touch him. Soon every muscle in his body clenched. Warned, Touma pulled out almost all the way. Through the haze of orgasm, Seiji heard him draw in his breath just the same.

Touma's arm circled his waist to keep him upright. Hard and throbbing, he began to thrust into Seiji again. It felt like hot iron burning from his thighs to the pit of his belly. Seiji could barely move, much less think of how his lover had held back. Warm fingers resumed their stroking. The pace slowed considerably; Touma had to stop several times to keep from cumming. The overwhelming pain and pleasure was intoxicating. Gradually the spot deep inside him came to life, and Seiji felt himself stiffening again. Sensing how close he was, Touma's control began to slip. Touma was slamming into him, animalistic sounds rising from both their throats, every movement sending a new wave of bliss through their bodies.

With a final cry, they came simultaneously. Seiji collapsed as soon as his release had spent itself, Touma's warm cum still bursting inside him. Mumbling incoherently, Touma managed to pull the soiled towel out from under Seiji, and then settled against him. They fell asleep still joined, just the way Seiji had wanted it.

They had known for years that physical contact enhanced the armor link, but never had they experienced the bond like this. Seiji moved between dreams of dark blue kisses and the waking warmth and pressure of the body above him. Touma's visions of floating in rapturous sunlight mingled with the constant waves of pleasure emanating through Seiji's body. Every now and then the ever-present sensation would escalate into orgasm. Once Touma woke in time to cum in a single thrust.

"We're not going to get much sleep this way," Touma breathed.

"That's the idea."

Seiji smiled, feeling both their arousals building again. "Hey, you up for something a little more physical?"

"Depends." The archer gave his earlobe a lick. He'd been messing with the back of his neck and his hair all night, since Seiji was in no position to protest.

"I just need that glass of water. And so do you."

"Here, lemme get it."

"Give it to me." Touma briefly wondered how Seiji was going to drink it without a straw. Then he understood as Seiji spread his thighs as far as they would go.

"Did I ever tell you that you're out of your mind?" He planted his knees. He was about to offer a hand when Seiji shook his head.

"You'll be supporting both our weights for a while. Keep them down. Throw some pillows to the foot of the bed, too."

Touma did as he was told, grinning at the soft moans his movements were causing. Then he leaned back, both hands on the bed behind him. Seiji stayed with him. Touma caught his breath at the sight of Seiji's muscles flexing as the swordsman pulled himself upright using only his abdominals. He could feel himself hardening again. From Seiji's low groans, he could feel it too.

The maneuver was making Seiji incredibly dizzy. It was hard to keep the glass of water upright when every shift in position ignited his senses. At last his back touched his lover's chest. With a sigh, he sat all the way down on Touma's lap.

Touma actually mewed.

Seiji laughed. He drank half of the water then tipped the glass towards Touma. He turned to watch the archer drink, his eyes half-closed, his lovely throat rippling, teeth clamping down on the glass whenever Seiji made him writhe. Touma glared at him when he was finished. Seiji just leaned back and caught the drop of water on his chin. Strong arms encircled his chest and soft lips captured his. Seiji sat forward a little bit to give Touma room to move.

"Uuuhnn!" The powerful thrust took him by surprise. Within moments he was squirming uncontrollably, neck arched back into Touma's shoulder.

/Are you.../


Touma obliged.

One by one, the candles burned out as they climaxed.

Sweat-drenched and satisfied, Touma and Seiji leaned against each other, catching their breath. "What now?" Touma whispered.


Touma exhaled as they settled on their sides. Automatically he ran a hand under Seiji's leg, keeping it elevated as his lover grabbed some pillows to wedge his thighs apart. Touma continued to stroke the soft skin. It was dark and he was sleepy, but he didn't want to miss a single deep-throated moan from his lover. He nuzzled Seiji's shoulder blades, drawing soft circles on the back of his knee. The blood was rushing back into his body. It was almost painful to lie encased in Seiji's warmth for so long. It was like a moist hand grasping him, except he could feel Seiji breathe, feel his pulse so perfectly that they were synchronized.

He ran his hand over Seiji's ribs... he could barely count them through all that muscle. Gods, Seiji was exquisite. He closed his eyes and followed the line of Seiji's body towards his face. He could feel the warm flush of his cheeks, the sharp curve of his chin. A sigh as Seiji began to lick and suck on his questing hand. Lips so soft.

He swept down towards the inside of his thighs. Seiji's pulse sped up as he played with his flaccid member, running fingers along his ballsack from behind. Lazily his hand moved back up.

Seiji relaxed into the gentle caress. A thumb felt his navel, fingers traveling the ridges of his abdominal muscles. Up along his sternum. Gently rubbing one nipple, then the other. Across his collarbone. Touma touched him for what seemed like hours. He rarely followed any sort of plan, though Seiji could tell when his lover mentally named off as many of his bones as he could reach. It was when he moved on to the muscle groups that Seiji grew receptive again.

Touma was in no hurry. Slowly he made his way to Seiji's half-erect penis. His finger spiraled along its length, then rubbed the tip. Seiji moaned, then tightened over Touma's member. Immediately the feather-touch became a strong grip.

It was a long, slow fuck. Touma shifted positions several times before he found the perfect angle. Seiji just lay there and let himself be pleasured, his mental apology swatted away by the archer. They were both slippery as eels, which made it easier. Touma didn't even speed up towards the end. Seiji pressed back against his lover, heart pounding impossibly fast, hips bucking against Touma's hand. Touma worked him until he creamed in his hand, then he buried himself deep and came in a burst of warmth.

Touma's hand kept moving over Seiji's member. As Seiji's pulse returned to near-normal, Touma slowed his pace. Then he stopped.

"I love you, Touma." The whisper was like a thunderclap in the relative silence.

"You too, Seiji," came Touma's drowsy answer. Seiji could tell he was smiling. By mutual agreement they rolled onto their previous position, the blue-haired man blanketing his lover.

"Seiji... birthday or not, I've gotta take a break."

"Okay." As gently as he could, Touma withdrew from the lovely heat. Seiji shivered beneath him. It was mesmerizing to watch the muscles of his back ripple with the sensation... "...oh."

"Damn it, I knew I was going to hurt you!" Bruises marred the pale skin, and flecks of blood dotted the sheets.

"It's healed already," Seiji breathed. He stretched and relaxed his muscles, already missing the archer's presence.

"I should have prepped you."

"I'll be okay," Seiji insisted. "What about you?"

Touma grimaced. Carefully he touched himself; he was sore as hell. "It even looks worn out. Poor thing," he sniffed pathetically.

Seiji chuckled. "Aww..." Ignoring his own discomfort, he reached for a washtowel and helped clean Touma up. His lover hissed at the now-frigid water wiping away the lube and sweat and cum. He smiled as Touma sank back into the pillows, enjoying the cool languid strokes. He moved up his abdomen, tracing the contours of muscles, chasing every rivulet of sweat, at last cooling the heat rising from where his neck met his collarbone. The archer's eyes were drooping.

Just when Seiji thought he might have to rouse him for the next round, Touma grabbed the towel from his hands. Rolling over, he wrung it and draped it over the side of the washbasin to dry. As the sound of dripping water filled the room, Seiji licked his lips at the sight of Touma's perfectly shaped ass. Tempting... but he was still enjoying his birthday present. There were plenty of other opportunities for that.

With a fresh washtowel, Touma turned his attention to Seiji. The blond allowed himself to be flipped onto his stomach. As thorough as Korin had been, the armor hadn't wiped out the fresh bruises or the sore muscles. Seiji sighed as Touma softly scrubbed the mess on his backside.

"Does it hurt?" Touma asked.

"A little."

"Masochist." Touma clicked his tongue and kissed the small of Seiji's back. Seiji let out a contented sigh. Smiling, Touma reached for one of his other creams. He took a generous dollop and brushed it over Seiji's opening. Another murmur as the pain eased. Touma took another sucking kiss of his tailbone. Seiji shifted under him.

Fingertips slick with cream, Touma gently spread his cheeks. He lapped at the lightly flavored cream, which smelled of vanilla and almonds. His tongue slipped closer and closer to the edge. Seiji moaned, finally realizing what Touma meant to do.

Kneading the rock-hard muscles on either side of him, Touma buried his face in Seiji's ass. He could feel and hear the pulse quickening as he tongued the tender skin. Seiji opened his legs wider. Touma slipped a hand beneath to fondle his ball-sack, pleased that his lover was hardening again so quickly. He slowed down to lick the rim, his other hand stroking gently as if to apologize for the rough handling. He could tell Seiji was struggling not to buck.

Seiji groaned. Touma felt the muscles relax; encouraged, he probed deeper. He tasted traces of his own cum. Seiji was making the most delicious sounds. Touma settled down to enjoy the ride. If Seiji had any awareness of how he was acting, he wouldn't let Touma do it again.

A shudder of ecstasy rocked the swordsman's body.

Or maybe he wouldn't let Touma stop.

"Oh gods... Touma... weren't we going to- ahhh..."

Touma gave a last few licks. Then he smacked a kiss on each cheek, with an open-palmed slap to emphasize. Quickly they scrambled off the bed. Crushed rose petals scattered to the floor as Seiji stripped the sheets and Touma unfolded the fresh linen over the bed. The blond caught the billowing fabric on the other side.

Before the cloth had settled on the mattress, their lips had met over the middle of the bed. Their sleepiness was showing in their leisurely kisses, but the electric tingle from the tips of their fingers to their erect penises was anything but lethargic. Touma felt himself being pushed to the bed.

/I thought you wanted to-/

/Oh, we'll continue. But first, I want to make sure you're ready./ Eyes glittering, Seiji rolled his tongue over one nipple and then the other. Touma shivered as Seiji's body slid down, caressing his sides and hips on the way there. He looked down, quivering in anticipation.

A pink tongue ran over the head of his penis. Seiji went very slowly, now circling the tip, taking delicate licks along its length, swiping at the slit. He was only using his tongue, letting the nerves return to their former sensitivity. Touma felt light-headed as the heat rushed into his member. Gods, he was burning to be engulfed again!

The teasing tongue left him and Seiji's face was hovering over his. "Not going to sleep on me, are you?"

Touma felt the jar of oil being pressed into his palm. Entranced by the pale violet eyes above him, he dipped his fingers into the oil. Never taking his eyes off Seiji, he reached down between them and sought out Seiji's entrance. The blond kept his eyes open, his lips forming an open-mouthed moan, his body rubbing his member on Touma's arm.

"Same position," Touma murmured, as Seiji's eyes glazed over.

"Yeah. I like feeling you over me. Warm," mumbled Seiji.

Satisfied that the swordsman was ready once more, Touma withdrew. As Seiji moaned, Touma ran his slippery fingers over his balls before settling into an easy grasp of his penis. Not letting go, he slipped out from under Seiji and positioned himself.

"Slowly," Seiji gasped.

Touma obliged, watching and feeling as his throbbing member slid into Seiji's welcoming heat. Seiji shuddered from time to time but otherwise was perfectly still. Touma refrained from stroking the hot flesh in his hand, just holding it until he felt his balls touch the firm buttocks.

/Now what, birthday boy?/

Seiji sighed beneath him. /Fuck me like there's no tomorrow./

Inflamed by the simple words, Touma pulled back a little then slammed forward, jerking Seiji against his hand. Seiji cried out and began squirming, but that only aroused Touma more. He set a blistering pace, a new sheen of sweat forming on their bodies. When they came, it must have been incredible, because neither could remember their name, much less how it happened.

They were both barely conscious when they collapsed against each other. Seiji sighed as the archer settled over him again, bursts of pleasure still igniting his burned-out senses. At this rate they would be making love in their sleep. Touma seemed to realize it too.

"Happy birthday, Seiji," he whispered.

"Just wait till your birthday, Touma-chan," Seiji answered before he conked out. Touma was too tired to think about the implications.


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