Koku Rou Ken: black wolf swordKoku Rou Ken: translated by Theria as the first part of Anubisu's surekill: Koku Rou Ken Ankoku Cho Uhigiri - "Black Wolf Sword Leaping Darkness." (The 'Koku' part doesn't make much sense; it sounded more like Ankoku, "shadow", in the DVD. Ah well.) KRK holds a special place in my heart-- it's the inception of a pairing which has haunted me for years. To my knowledge I'm alone in slashing Kujuurou (aka Cale aka Anubisu) and Touma. If I'm wrong, please drop me a line; I want to know who else loves my blue boys as much as I do.

There are greater tensions from loving across enemy lines than the more popular Cale/Seiji pair. Touma is by nature completely loyal to his friends. To introduce a lover, an enemy of Seiji, is to stretch him like a longbow. Kujuurou on the other hand has deeper, more secret struggles-- sometimes only glimpsed in a flash in his eyes, or a reference to his past. This is where it begins: wisdom and filial loyalty, night sky and winter darkness.

Midnight Music Vertigo
One day I woke up with the urge to read a fisting.

I must have dreamed something, because I can still remember how much I wanted it. In about five minutes it went from "What would make this more interesting? Fisting over a railing?" to "Fisting while hanging over a railing some two stories up."

It turns out MMV is not really a fisting fic. I am older and wiser now. Mystical armors or not, the description is really heavy fingering, and much to my chagrin, no one walks away sore.

The story itself is a product of my Samurai Trooper love -- visualize the Shin Ku Ha surekill, or the giant Arago-hand bashing everyone into the tile, and you'll get a better feel for the music, and the vertigo. I also got a big kick out of choosing Kujuurou's motorcycle, the Honda Shadow Sabre. *drool*

The turning point came with one line: "My name is Kujuurou."

With that, it went from a simple PWP to the story of a man caught out of time, struggling with darkness, reaching out to a boy who has loved the light.

MMV resonates throughout my various Blue Boy fics, scattered through four universes. It is undisguised savagery; it is disturbing darkness; it is a twisted kinkiness in a passionate companionship.

"What happened to the green shirt?"

I am forever grateful to Kayura (MaryMary!) for asking me that question and prodding me (to no avail) to finish this fic. Well I was only trying to create a Gaiden AU! It's hard! LOL. But really, she is totally amazing, because she sent me Gaiden subbed long before this whole DVD business. Gal, I am so sorry it's taking so long.

That said, Daybreak introduces Seiji into the Kujuurou/Touma mix. Seiji, who has united the boys time and time again, becomes the divisive force... or so Touma thinks. Perhaps it's only his own guilt. At the same time, Kujuurou's bond with him grows stronger.

And the sex gets kinkier.

Yes, this is the fic with two hot fucks in one, via telepathy. A blowjob in a darkened car. And a 'dream' that's so bad we need some Shuu comfort. And likely much more.

True to the title, there's a greater focus on Seiji. His sister Yayoi makes an appearance, and there's background info from the Korin Den drama CD. There's also one really important detail from the TV series. Told from Touma's limited point of view, not all is as it seems...

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The Lantern Tale
No, this story has not been started.

It is something of a surprise, but I will say that it's based on folktales of ghosts or spirits holding lanterns and wandering mountains at night... seeking something they've lost.

It will likely be short, have one or two sex scenes, and provide a quiet coda to this series. Well, that's the plan.

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