Well, never thought this would happen. I'm aware that these three fandoms have very little in common, and fans of one show may be confused by the context of another show. So here's how I fused them.

The timeline will be Gundam Wing's; there is a war going on, involving mecha, complicated politics, and space colonies. I've played fast and loose with the chronology, but GW fans will recognize key scenes.

The universe will be the Samurai Troopers'. The War with the demon Arago happened, probably in A.C. 193, but like the TV series, no one remembers it. Spirits from another dimension will be feeding on the pain and fear of the war, and only the Troopers with their mystical, elemental armor know about it.

The characters will be primarily from Weiss Kreuz. I'm ignoring WK's timeline and simply expanding Kritiker's reach into all of the Earth Sphere (Earth and the colonies.) The assassins' usual base will still be the flowershop in Tokyo, but from time to time they will be sent on missions around the world or in space.

'Kreuzweg im Himmel' also has a triple meaning. Literally "crossroads in the sky" refers to the actual space routes used by Duo and the other Gundam pilots. 'Himmel' also means Heaven, which is a close translation of Touma's armor, Tenku. And lastly, 'Kreuzweg' not only means crossroads, but also (according to my Harper Collins dictionary) refers to the 'way of the cross', a Christian tradition of following the path of suffering-an echo of much of Weiss Kreuz's imagery.

That's really all you need to know. Trust me, it won't be too complicated as I'm focusing on just three people. Characters will be introduced as they appear, and if you know them you'll get the in-jokes, and if you don't you'll still have a lot to chew on. There will be lemons. Oh, and by the way, I have no idea where this is going. The characters are running the show, so if you want teaser hints, you'll have to get in line behind me. Enjoy!

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