In a Jam
a Hot Toddy fic
by Sameshima Shuzumi
3962 wc ~ NC-17 ~ CxS

Hi minna! This is an oldie but goodie. I wrote it as a belated Mother's Day gift for all the mums and mums-to-be on the list. 'Cause when life hands you a sticky mess, well... heh heh... The boys don't belong to me! They belong to each other. (2000)

This fic has brought myself and others a lot of satisfaction over the years. I hope you enjoy it too. (2002)

Seiji shut the bathroom door and buried his face in his hands. "Me and my big mouth." He hadn't meant to tease Touma about such sensitive subjects, especially just when things were heating up. "Gods, I hate how he can make me lose control like that!" He hung up his yukatta, and stared down at his still stiffened penis. There was no way Touma was going to let him back in the room, much less finish him off. He'd wait, except... Sh'matta, that blue-haired boy makes me want to tear down the walls! He could feel the blood rising at the thought of that ruby tongue, those wanton hands that drove him crazy when they wandered his body. It was so delicious to let go... and so frightening.

"Damn him." Without a thought to what he was doing, Seiji slipped his hands between his legs.

"Shuu, you dummy, now I have to wash my hands!"

The big man merely sniggered. "You should've seen the look on your face!"

"And I'd bet you'd love to see the look on yours when I deck you," growled Shin.

"Aw, you wouldn't do that, would ya?"

Shin swatted at his friend, who jumped back. Grateful that the bathroom had a handle and not a knob, Shin opened the door with his foot.

"Hey, Shuu!" It was Ryo, downstairs.


At that moment, Shin managed to get the door open and staggered in. He froze at the threshold. In the paralyzing instant while the scene registered, Shuu turned his head to talk to Ryo.

Shin shut the door with a bang, his sticky hands locking it before his brain had a chance to think. Seiji was so shocked that he was still holding on to his engorged member. It was then that Shin realized he was on the wrong side of the door.

Shuu's voice boomed through the wood, startling them both. "What're you running away from, Shin?"

Suiko found his voice. "Go away, Shuu! I mean it!"

The quavering tone must have been muffled by the door, because Shuu answered with a hasty, "Geez, sorry."

Shin turned to Seiji, whose face was bright red and still had that trapped look. They stared at each other for a surreal moment. Then they began to speak all at once, keeping their voices low.

"I... sorry, Seiji... I'll go..."

"I should've locked the door, I wasn't thinking."

"Well, ah..."

Shin's reply was cut off by a several voices just beyond the door.

Seiji sat down on the edge of the tub. "I don't think we can open the door just yet."

"Er, you could hide in the shower?" Shin caught himself staring at Seiji's arousal still jutting between his thighs. He turned away and flipped on the tap.

"It's only this clear curtain," Seiji said. "They'll still see me. And... you've got stuff on my yukatta."

"Huh? Oh!" If there was any spot on Shin's face that wasn't blushing, it burned now. "Sorry. Must have been when I slammed the door. Strawberry jam. A little prank which Shuu found amusing." He looked up to see Seiji turned away from him, hands gripping the lip of the tub. The water ran as Shin frowned at the mop of gold and the long back he was so familiar with. There was something wrong. The flush of embarrassment faded when Shin noticed how Seiji's head was hanging, how the normally rigid posture was curved into a slump.

"Seiji." The swordsman couldn't hear him. Shin almost reached over to tap him on the shoulder when he remember the mess on his hands. So he leaned in next to his ear. "Seiji?"

Two lavender eyes flew up to meet his. Shin almost took a step back. My, he's jumpier than usual. "What's wrong?"

Shin kneeled as Seiji turned to face him. "What do you think," came the flat voice. Shin's eyes flicked down to the stiff penis, and back up to Seiji's face. Shin's cheeks pinked slightly, but he forged on.

"Was it Touma? Do you want to tell me what happened?"

Seiji seemed to consider Shin's earnest expression. "We were... you know," Seiji said tentatively. Shin nodded. "We were just teasing each other. Then I lost control and said something I shouldn't have. He got angry."

Shin chewed his lip thoughtfully. "Touma started teasing you?" He felt odd prying into his friends' love lives, but he wanted to get it out of Seiji now, while he was still unguarded.

"Yes. But it was something I'd never say to him otherwise. I knew it would hurt him. I can't tell you what it is... but that's just it!" Seiji's fingers tightened on the tub. "It's not something I'd tell any of you, or a complete stranger or in public. Why would I... insult him that way when it's just the two of us together?"

"You both tease?" Shin tried to keep the curiosity out of his voice. This was important.

"Yes. Touma can be so shy in bed." There was a faraway look in his eyes. "He's said some pretty amazing things in the heat of the moment, but he's never... it was a low blow, Shin. I still can't believe I said that to him. The person I care about the most."

Shin rocked on his heels. Since he couldn't use his hands, he was balanced on his feet, his shoulder leaning on the tub next to Seiji's legs. "Can I tell you what I think, Seiji? Truly?"

Seiji regarded the Warrior of Trust. Shin's wasn't always welcome advice but it was always good advice. "All right."

"When you're that close to someone, it's inevitable that you'll hurt them sometime. It is a loss of control, to bring someone into your life like that. You have to give up a lot of things. And, well, you have to live with them. People aren't perfect. They have faults. Not that I think you have a lot of faults, Seiji, but they're going to come out sometime."

Seiji smiled a little at the compliment. "Even then. Touma doesn't do this."

"Doesn't hurt you?" Sea-green eyes widened incredulously. "Wasn't it just last week he locked himself in the basement to study? That time he called up your sisters and started trading stories? It's not as though siblings need the encouragement," Shin the younger brother added.

Seiji winced. Shin gave him a sympathetic smile, still rocking back and forth nervously. The smaller man had an unerring sense of balance. It was a wonder he didn't fall over backwards. Why is he nervous? "Thank you, Shin. I'll talk to him."

"Good." Unable to get up or use his hands, Shin kissed the top of Seiji's knee. Shin didn't notice the exquisite shiver which traveled down Seiji's skin. "Is there anything else you need...?"

He did notice the suddenly hardened penis, as it was practically next to his face. He felt the shameful blush rise to his cheeks again, and he turned, bumping his shoulder on the tub. When Seiji and Touma had started their relationship, he had always been a little... curious. He was happy for his friends; there was no stigma in it, because they loved each other and that was all that mattered. But sometimes he had wondered...

Gentle fingers stroked his hair. Shin looked up, gulping. "Sorry, Shin. You just reminded me, that's all." The lavender eyes seemed sad. Seiji grabbed Shin's elbows and helped them both up. He looked down. "Shouldn't you wash that off already?"

Shin also looked down. Seiji's erection was nearly throbbing. How can he keep his voice even like that?

Seiji's voice seemed distant, now. "The water's still running--- Shin!"

Warm and moist with sweat, still sticky from the jam, Shin's hand caressed the tip of Seiji's penis. Reflexively Seiji clung to Shin's shoulders, breathing fast. His hips jerked up involuntarily.

There was a burst of laughter from beyond the door. Guiltily, Shin pulled away. It had been a moment of weakness, to see what might happen, to satisfy his curiosity...

"Shin, no," came the low growl.


"I can't stand this," a low and desperate whisper. Shin wondered that it was coming from Seiji at all. "We won't be able to leave till they're through. Please."

Seiji was... begging? He'd never thought he'd hear that tone of voice from Seiji. Then again, maybe Touma heard it all the time. It sent chills down his spine, to know that he had reduced Seiji to pleading for his touch.

Two thoughts popped into Shin's mind.

That's why he fears losing control.

That's why I've always been so curious.

Leaning into the broad shoulders, his hands closed around Seiji's member. Seiji backed them towards the tub, grabbed a small towel and bit down on it. His muffled groans and the quickened breaths rustled Shin's hair. He was hardly aware of it when Seiji maneuvered them both to the floor. He still couldn't believe Seiji was letting him do this... wanting him to do this. His fingers explored every surface, concentrating on which pace and pressure made Seiji moan louder into the cloth or toss his head back.

Seiji tugged on his shirt. "But the jam," Shin said.

He was right. Stains on his shirt would show he'd taken it off. Seiji hung the towel on his shoulder, a strange light in his eyes.

As if on cue, Ryo knocked on the door. "Are you okay, Shin?"

Seiji stroked Shin's cheek to get his attention. "Tell him you're going to take a shower."

Shin tried to keep his voice steady. "I'm taking a shower, Ryo!"

"Okay. Just so long as Seiji's not headed your way. You know he hates it when we hog the bathroom." A yell and some footsteps and Ryo rejoined whatever game they were playing out there.

Seiji snorted at Rekka's comment. "It's not like I live here," he murmured. Then he turned his attention back to Shin. "But I won't mind this time if we hog the bathroom." He reached over and turned on the shower. Hot mist filled the bathroom almost immediately. "Now, let me take care of that jam."

Instead of washing it off as Shin expected, Seiji took one of his hands and began to lick it clean.

Shin gasped at the sensation. Violet eyes flashing, Seiji lapped his palm, tongue running along each crease and flicking at the little folds of skin between fingers. Never breaking eye contact, Seiji sucked and kissed at the spots that had dried up. His already-swollen tongue and lips were dyed red by the jam. Suddenly remembering himself, Shin gently pulled away, balling his hand.

"But... Seiji... what about Touma?"

Seiji kissed the trembling knuckles. "If there's one thing we agreed on right away, it was that we'd never let any of you get between us." Shin watched in fascination as Seiji captured his thumb and gently suckled. "Or vice versa."

Shin's brows rose.

"Ryo's already taken us up on our offer."

Then his jaw dropped.

Seiji took advantage of the situation by pulling him forward. For a breathless moment Shin hovered over his face, feeling their groins rub together through his suddenly too-tight jeans.

Seiji's lips brushed his. Hesitant, Shin leaned into the kiss. His heart beat faster as the lips which tasted of salt and tart parted and let his tongue inside. Shin's body relaxed into the swordsman's strong embrace. He forgot the world existed, forgot even that this was Seiji he was kissing except when the slight tinge of jasmine tickled his nose or the fine strands of hair brushed his skin. Still, as much as he wanted to touch the golden hair, his jam-covered hands dangled well away from Seiji's back.

After several minutes of kissing, Shin began to wonder why Seiji was prolonging it, as obvious as his desire was. He pulled away.

Seiji read the question in his eyes. "You're so comfortable. Like... no one's kissed you in a while." Shin bit his rosy lips. "You deserve to be kissed."

Shin's eyes lowered once more. Then his gaze shot up. "You've got jam on you." It was an innocent tone of voice but the look in his eyes took Seiji's breath away. His earlier touches had indeed left strange gooey streaks on Seiji's thighs and penis.

"Are-are you..." Seiji swallowed, a little angry at himself for stuttering. "Are you going to take care of it?"

The green eyes darkened as Shin nodded.

Speechless, Seiji scooted them over to the wall. Shin placed his knees between the long, muscled legs, watching the swordsman's torso heave up and down. He felt like he should have been daunted by the almost vertical erection, but he wasn't. Seiji folded the towel and clamped down. He ruffled the auburn hair.

/Shin, if you don't want to.../

/I can't leave you like this. Just show me./

/Uh.../ Despite himself, Shin smiled. Seiji hadn't expected him to be this forward. /Okay. Just wrap your lips over your teeth and start slow. I'm.../ Seiji stopped as Shin bent down and gently licked his inner thigh. /I'm very close... ooohh. Very close. If you don't want to swallow it, I won't be offended./

Shin wasted no time. He ran his tongue over the head, the potent taste of pre-cum made tangy by traces of sugar and strawberry. The thighs on either side of Shin were jerking wildly. Seiji's makeshift gag barely damped out his hungry sounds. Shin glanced up, noting the glazed look in Seiji's eyes and the beads of sweat on his face. Then he closed his eyes and went down hard on the hot, silky member.

The towel nearly dropped out of Seiji's mouth. A long, deep moan threatened to rip out of his throat. Shin was perfect- he anticipated Seiji's reactions, going as slowly or as quickly as needed. The sheer audacity of the usually shy Trooper was as mind-blowing as his heavenly mouth.

Seiji's hips strained upwards and Shin had to pin him down with his arms, jam-stained hands slapping the floor on either side of Seiji. Suddenly every muscle in the pale body tensed. Shin's wrists were caught in an iron grip.


He felt the hot liquid before he tasted it. The pungent flood was like Seiji's clean, sharp scent, except stronger and saltier. He hadn't been sure what to expect. Shin held it in his mouth, still sucking, wondering if he should swallow it. He decided he'd rather not spit it out.

Finally Seiji relaxed and took the towel out of his mouth. Shin pulled away. He glanced at him uncertainly through his disheveled hair. It was like they'd run a marathon and the steam from the shower wasn't helping.

Seiji managed to draw him closer, and began to remove his shirt. Shin clenched his hands to cover up the last traces of jam. He felt terribly unbalanced by all this. He'd never kissed anyone like that, much less taken anyone or anything into his mouth and... doing any of that. What had come over him?

"Where did you learn to do that," Seiji inquired, as he massaged Shin's back. He seemed a little amazed.

"That was... just now. I guess I just thought of what I would want done to me." His gaze shied away at the admission.

Seiji touched the soft skin of his face. "You'd make one hell of a lover, Shin."

He shook his head in denial, leaning against Seiji's chest. "I can't believe I... we... I mean, I don't even know if I'm..."

A slender finger stopped his babble. The lavender eyes glittered. "You're not like me and Touma, you know. You're not the sort of person who teases. Sweet Shin. Always giving." He kissed the auburn hair.

And proceeded to unbutton Shin's jeans.

"Seiji... I don't need..."

"Hush. Listen. They're still playing out there. Besides, it goes against everything I am to leave something undone." The lips curved slightly. "I like to be thorough."

Shin found himself mesmerized by those soft lips. Seiji captured his mouth once more, and then moved along his jawline, nibbling gently on Shin's earlobe. Shin sighed as the skillful lips traveled lower, kisses in counterpoint to the soothing motion of Seiji's hands. Vaguely it registered that he'd been helped out of his jeans and underwear. Here he was, naked, sprawled on the bathroom floor with one of his best friends, also naked, who was now laving his throat. Just to be sure, he opened one eye and checked that the door was locked. His freed erection rubbed against warm skin, and he shivered, realizing he had no idea where this was going.

"Oh... uhn! Ohhh..." Seiji's tongue was rolling one of his nipples about. The blond only paused long enough to place the towel in Shin's mouth. Then he worked both nipples with his tongue and fingertips. Shin clenched his hands, shaking his head wildly, overloaded by the new sensations. Seiji's mouth moved along the contours of his muscles, his soft hair tickling the skin in its wake. Now his tongue flicked over his navel. Shin whimpered as Seiji's skin and hair brushed his sex. He buried his fingers in the blond hair.

Seiji reluctantly removed Shin's hand. Shin's entire body relaxed, and he sighed, gazing at the swordsman through half-closed lids.

"Just a second," Seiji whispered. He stood and rummaged through the medicine cabinet. Shin blinked. He heard Seiji shut off the tap. The others' shouts were still audible, just outside the door. Suddenly he was seized by the urge to laugh. Even if he told them afterwards, they'd never believe he'd done any of it! Certainly not the Suiko no Shin they knew.

Seiji returned to his side. The lavender eyes gazed at him thoughtfully, then gave him a deep kiss. "Shin, if you don't want to do this, you don't have to." Shin looked down at the bottle of oil on Seiji's palm, trying to understand. "But I... want to give this to you."

Shin went breathless as the full meaning dawned on him. "Seiji, I can't just take you-"

"I'll show you."

"If I hurt..."

Seiji laughed softly. "I'm not a virgin, Shin. Definitely not. It's just that I realized..." The blond leaned in, as if telling some dark secret. "You do so much for us, Shin. Always the one taking care of us."

"That's Nasuti who does that."

"You know what I mean." He kissed him gently. "You never have time for a little..." Another kiss, this time harder. "...guilty pleasure." Shin sighed as Seiji's lips moved down his neck. "And I know you want it."

"Oh, Seiji." Shin pulled him closer, incredibly moved by Seiji's sincerity. Then he chuckled. "Are you teasing me?"

"One helluva lover," murmured Seiji, smiling. He sat back and poured some oil onto his palm. Eyes widening, Shin bit down on the towel.

He almost lost it when Seiji's oil-covered hand closed on his sex. With an effort he managed to hold off his climax. Seiji watched him carefully. "That's right... don't worry, it won't be for long." He straddled Shin's legs, arms resting on his shoulders. "And it'll feel ten times better."

Shin almost rolled his eyes in amazement. What could feel better than this? He clutched Seiji's waist as the swordsman slowed his breathing and relaxed.

As Seiji lowered himself over his sex, Shin found out.

He practically screamed into the towel, tears leaking from his eyes at the wonderful heat. Seiji buried a groan into Shin's hair as he settled onto his lap. For a few moments he stayed in place, adjusting. Shin couldn't help it- he began to thrust right away. Seiji let him.

Shin looked up at Seiji, wondering how he could possibly stand it. The swordsman seemed to have trouble breathing; sweat dripped from his brow as he maintained his control. Then Shin shifted position slightly, and suddenly Seiji choked back a cry. Shin quickly spit out the towel and captured his mouth to quiet him.

/Oh gods, Seiji, I'm sorry./

/Don't be. Do it again./

Bright green eyes met deep violet as they began to move in sync. The pace was all Shin's, but Seiji was doing things with his body that made him writhe in pleasure. Suddenly Shin jerked and tensed. His vision went white. Vaguely he heard Seiji gasp, and there was a splatter of wet on his stomach.

They lay together for a while, just breathing. Shin nuzzled Seiji's shoulder... "Seiji! 'Kuso! I bit you."

Seiji chuckled. "It was either that or you'd have screamed." Languidly he picked up the towel and wiped them off. "Besides, why do you think I came?"

Shin looked anxiously at the mark. He didn't even remember doing that.

"Don't worry about it." Seiji found his lips, and Shin melted. "You have fun, Shin-kun?"

Shin gave him a tired smile. "Hai, Sei-kun."

There was an odd rattling on the door handle. It sounded like... a lock being picked. Shin froze as the handle turned.

"C'mon, Seiji, I'm sure Shin won't mind!" It was Touma's voice booming through the door. Quickly followed by Touma himself, who shut and locked the door behind him.

"Oh!" cried Shin, squirming. Seiji bit back a groan, as they were still joined.

"Keep it quiet, Shin," Touma said. He laid down the pair of bathrobes he was carrying and knelt beside them. "Sorry about the timing. First time the coast was clear. I threw their damn toy downstairs."

"Thanks, Touma," Seiji murmured. "Ah... I'm getting up, Shin." Touma lent him a hand as he carefully disengaged. Shin sighed as the warmth left him. Feeling terribly awkward, he lay against the tub as Touma draped one of the bathrobes over his lover. Was this going to make things worse between them? Shin hoped not. Nothing was worth ruining Seiji and Touma's relationship.

Touma inspected the bite mark on Seiji's shoulder. He seemed to approve. "I'll have to get you a matching one, ne?" Seiji glowered.

"You called him," Shin said to Seiji as they both helped him up.

Touma shrugged. "He had to. Those idiots would've played all day if not for that little misdirection." He grinned mischievously. "And so would you two, I bet."

"Oh," Shin said weakly.

Seiji elbowed Touma. "Don't tease him."

The blue-haired boy ignored him. "You better get in the shower, Shin. By my count you've been 'showering' for twenty minutes, and been locked in here for longer. Half an hour and even Nasuti's gonna get curious."

Shin stepped into the tub obediently. Before closing the shower curtain, he said in a small voice, "You're not angry?"

Touma leaned into the streaming water and kissed him breathless. "Only if you keep it to yourself."

The archer wrapped a possessive arm around Seiji, who looked back at the auburn haired man's amazed expression. "Thank you, Shin."

Remembering himself, Shin said, "Seiji! What we talked about..."

A genuine smile broke out over the normally placid face. Shin thought his knees were going to give out.

"What's he mean?" Touma asked, as they exited.

He heard them through the door. "About earlier. I'm sorry-"

Shin sighed contentedly, and turned his attention to soaping his hands. There were several streaks of jam which Seiji had missed. And his palms were so warm, they looked... red.

Quickly he flung open the curtain. The stained yukatta hung on the door. The sink still had globs of jam on it. And a pair of faint, pink handprints adorned the floor next to the far wall. He glanced at the door. It was locked.

Fortunately he was one of the only people in the household who knew how to remove dried strawberry jam.

Laughing softly, Shin turned the water to cold.


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