A Guide to Better Hugging
Part Two
by Sameshima Shuzumi
4086 wc ~ NC-17 ~ 2x1

Lemony goodness. There is an homage to Terry Pratchett's Discworld buried in here. Enjoy!
ed. April 2003

Iíve managed to avoid the others for 36 hours. The satelliteís understaffed, so Trowa and Wufei have been overseeing the Gundam repairs. Quatre is putting his business contacts into motion. Heero has been conferencing with Relena Peacecraft, to try to balance things out in Earth and Space. Iíve been helping too, of course. Thereís a lot of hacking work to do, as well as a ton of research on the current leaders of White Fang and their ties to the former heads of Operation Meteor, the group which built the Gundams.

† Lots of time to think about the whys and hows of men hugging men.

"So thatís how I screwed up," Iíve told myself. † Thought I could read people. † Thought I knew what I was doing. † No, I know a set-up when I see one... itís just that it was me doing the betraying. I wasnít paying attention. I let it happen. † Apologies are not going to cut it this time. † And not only that, it isnít something we can settle in private. When the war started I couldíve thumbed my nose at the other guys and said "None of your fucking business," but now weíre a unit, weíre friends, and itís everybodyís business.

Iíve got to face him sometime. No way will I delay this till after the next battle. Hard reality, one of us may not make it out of the next battle. † But what can I tell him? † I donít know what to tell myself.

I really donít want to remember it anymore. That moment. Partly because it was just so stupid. If thereís anything I hate more than being had, itís being played a fool by my own body. † Partly because I keep getting this warm feeling just thinking about it. Let me be specific. Starts at the top of my spine, travels down and fills my belly like no banquet ever could. † Like the whole warís a dream, and Heeroís the only solid thingó


Um. † Thatís me. † Rapidly running out of air because Iíve forgotten how to breathe. † Three seconds. † Four seconds... panic...

"Are you mad at me?"

Recap. † Heero just sneaked up on me. † I think I jumped ten centimeters into the air. Currently heís got his arms, no, his whole body draped over mine, his mouth next to my ear. † This is definitely not an embrace. † This is a full-contact -- body-to-body -- hug. Thereís some priceless book crumpled up on the floor, but I canít pick it up. † I canít move. I canít think.

Heeroís lips are tickling my earlobe. "Baka. † Are you mad at me?" † His voice is really low and soft.

Focus on the question, Maxwell! "No."

"Then why are you avoiding us?"

Heís learned all my tricks. Already Iím leaning into him, melting into the ready cradle of his body. † "I donít know."

Ow! † Heís got my braid. † Shit, he could break my spine this way... but heís yanking gently. I can feel his quick, steady breath on my neck. Shivering, I close my eyes against his thick brown hair. † "I was afraid youíd be mad at me, okay?"

"Hn." † I didnít think my whole body could twitch like that. I felt that sound coming out of his chest, explode next to my ear. I grip his arm. "Well, youíre right. Iím mad at you," he says.

The need to look at him while heís saying this... I have to see whatís in his eyes. † I already broke all three rules. † Heero Yuy could kill me right here, if he wants to. So I have nothing to lose. Slowly, I wriggle and turn so that weíre facing each other.

Four centimeters between my nose and his nose.

He continues, not-quite meeting my eyes. "Iím mad that you drove me crazy for nearly two months. † Then you finally..." † His grip tightens to at least 15 kg/cm2. † "And you bolted."

What can I say to that? I swallow hard. † He really does have amazing muscles on his shoulders. "I just wanted to give you a hug," I whisper.

His eyes blaze blue as a copper flame. "You read wrong." Slowly, deliberately, he presses against me... oh sweet mother, heís like solid gundanium...!

Three centimeters and closing... two...

And our bodies lock together perfectly, arms along necks along hair along cheeks along lips. It takes another six seconds before I drop out of auto-pilot... one-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, many-Mississippi, lots-Mississippi... At last I snap awake, in the middle of the kiss. Two things occur to me now. For one thing, heís doing it too! † Smelling, tasting, pulling gently on my lips like heís sipping from a glass of Qís favorite í76 vintage.

The other thing is... we arenít locked together perfectly. Our clothes are in the way.

He grinds our erections together ó neither of us is wearing underwear ó and as I hiss into his mouth I catch that smug look on his face. Just to get even, I start sucking on his neck till he whimpers. Weíre kind of rocking together now. You couldnít slip a sheet of paper between us. † We could fall over at any moment. † What a lovely thought.

"Ah... Duo... I was going to tell you... we still have to fight White Fang..."

"Uh-huh...?" † I try to crush him to myself, trapping an earlobe between my teeth. Balance be damned. Did I ever want to do this? † I must have, itís turning me on like nothing else. Oh well. † Like any good soldier, I can turn an ambush to my advantage.

"But... um... Relena says sheís got Romefeller under control. † Earthís at peace."

The blood rushes back into my brain. "What?!"

I was so busy grousing I didnít notice. Well, I knew about it, but you saw what happened at the celebration. † We changed the world. † We fuckiní changed the world!

Itís all picking up where we left off. I surge up and throw my weight against him, bouncing and laughing like a madman. † Iím yelling something, Shinigami knows what. † Shit, shit, shit, this is great! † All that thankless, muck-ridden, bloody, soul-draining fighting is starting to pay off! † Yeah!

"...stop screaming in my ear, baka."

"Aaa, sorry, Heero." I bounce a few more times, still locked around Heeroís neck. † Suddenly our legs get tangled up and we crash to the floor. † My arms are wrapping around him in a horizontal hug. I babble incoherently for a bit longer. Wow. † Shit. † Canít get over it.

Um, itís been almost a minute. So I clap him a couple of times on the shoulder, plant my knees, brush past his cheek to disengage... the hand on the small of my back reminds me.

I donít have to follow those rules anymore.

Thereís a moment of disorientation, then Heero draws me back close. † God, he does look young that way, his brow smoothed of worry, small amused smile reaching his eyes. † We bump noses as he homes in for another kiss. † Rough, excited now, a challenge to reach for the tonsils and get the neediest sound out of each other. † Where is it... there it is. Wing Jr. still at attention.

"Got you," I murmur.

Yowwaawhoa! † What the hell? † Heero looms over me, pinning my arms to the floor.

"Got you," he answers, in that unmistakable omae-o-korosu voice. Damn, I am an idiot. All that time, ĎI wanna kill youí was a come-on! †Shouldíve upgraded my Heero-to-Standard dictionary...

The grip on my arms loosens. Iím still stunned. Now he looks... uncertain? "Duo... I..."

"What do you want?"

His cobalt blue gaze, which I swear could cut through gundanium, travels down my body. It settles on my erection, which promptly hardens while he looks at it. Yes, I know my jaw is hanging.

Eyes flick back up at me.


I expected that, I did, but Iím blushing to the tips of my ears. I lean up on my elbows, grateful for Quatreís expensive carpet. †Iím no novice, donít get me wrong. †But this is Heero Yuy weíre talking about! †You know... Japanese... Pilot 01... sexiest thing Iíve ever seen...

Heís waiting for my answer. As usual I say the first thing that pops into my head.

"Youíre wearing too many clothes."

Efficient, Heero is. He sits up and pulls his tanktop off. I groan at the sight of his chest. Hey, you would too, if you saw this six-pack and knew it was all yours. †Who needs a strip tease? The boy just strips. Heís got his thumbs along the waistband of his spandex.

I lick my lips. Heís having a little trouble getting it off that... hurdle. Still on his knees, straddling me, and somehow manages to scoot it down to mid-thigh. He looks at me, nervous. I nod dumbly, hoping he caught the nervous?-nothing-to-be-nervous-about expression. Sweet fucking hell. On one knee, he stretches and twists and gets free of one leg of the shorts. † Then the other leg. All the while Iím riveted by the, the large, moist, engorged... oh sweet fuckiní hell. Just thinking about all that, rubbing on this carpet while his mouth works on me...

"Are you going to take your clothes off, or do I have to help you?"

The question is wholly practical, but Heeroís voice has gone husky, almost sultry. "Y-you," I stammer.

Suddenly my shirt is over my head, untangled from my arms, freed from my braid. Heero kisses the hollow above my collarbone, then all over my chest, mapping out the terrain with his tongue. Aw shit! † Heís got a nipple... ow ow owie... getting me back for that hickey on his neck. Damn it... he needs to get my pants off now!

As though he reads minds. A bit of maneuvering, and my pants are around my knees.

My knees?! "Yuy..." I growl.

Heero makes eye contact, not looking at my hard-on at all, oh no, even though itís right under his nose.

I take it back. I suck at math when Iím breathless.

"What?" I feel the word rather than hear it, breezing over my aching cock. Heero continues, that damned smug look on his face. † "Is there..." heís drawing out every breath, the bastard... "anything... you want me to do?"

I try for a coherent word. † "Nnnnnhhnn..." comes out instead.

Still staring at me, his tongue swipes at the slit. † Whole body trembles.

Damn you, Yuy. Got me speechless, huh? Well it would serve you right if I came right now all over your arrogant face. † I will, too, if you keep staring at me like that with those searing blue eyes, mussed hair, babycheeks flushed with blood...

No warning, I finish kicking off the pants, lean back on my elbows, and swing my legs over his shoulders. Now-or-never, my eyes say. Finish what you started.

Heero glares at me one last time, which I translate as Youíre-asking-for-it-now, then slides the whole length into his mouth.


His hands slide over my ass to support me, ícause I canít move anything except my hips. Heís moving around experimentally at first, teeth grazing, tongue caressing the underside, tip nudging the back of his throat, but I can see him shift gears, read every response like itís a tactical display. I can truly say Heero Yuy has got me beat. When I remember to keep my eyes open, I watch him, now licking its length like a popsicle, now teasing the crown, and now, now, oh fuck heís pulling at me like thereís no tomorrow, my cock moving in and out of that incredible mouth, his eyes flickering up at mine to show how much he likes it and if he has his way heíll get even more---

....oh. OH, holy shit! If the world was solid before, itís melted into white now. My ears are ringing. Heís still swallowing... oh god, I didnít think I had that much in me. I lie back, heart thumping through the floor. † He lowers me, still lapping at the excess. Damned smug look.

Heero crawls up and flops all over me. As if on cue, the room solidifies. † Shelves of books and vidfiles. The library. Heh. † I just got sucked off by Heero Yuy on the floor of Quatreís library. Shit.

"You talk all the time, donít you?"

I blink. "I was talking?"

Heero nods somberly, but his eyes are laughing at me. † "Screaming, more like."

I try to glare at him while he kisses me, my own cum still warm in his mouth. Hah... I know exactly how to wipe that look off his face. Something occurs to me. "Hey. † Heero. You havenít..."

He assesses me thoroughly. Damage report. "Iíll be all right. You wouldnít last."

Oh is that so? But heís partly right... Iím all shagged out. Heh heh. Right here on the carpet. I close my eyes, and curl up against his chest. "Iím gonna screw your brains out," I promise.

"Youíre in no condition." A hand lazily travels down my spine and settles on the small of my back. I realize weíre hugging again. † Mmm... I could get used to this.

Some part of me (which really does know how to read people) identifies something... from Heeroís stance, the look in his eyes, I donít know.

"This isnít just physical, is it?"

Thereís a long pause before he answers. † "...no."

Iím tempted to answer, ĎWhat do you mean, no itís not physical or no it is physical?í but I do know what he means. Thatís all I need to know right now. Weíll deal with the complications later.

Later, because he just moved and thereís one hot slab of gundanium lying on my thigh. Go figure, Iíd never last through a case of blue balls like this, but I guess itís no problem for Heero.

I rub against him. He barely covers up a moan. Aha, I guess it is a problem for him. I shift again, pretending to get my circulation going while I jump-start his. † Heero nips at my throat to get me to stop. I just stick my tongue out ó and barely get it back in before he snaps at it. Note to self: weíre both biters.

"Iím gonna make good on that promise, Yuy."

"Hn." Heís got a good grip on my balls. Our limbs are moving all over, shifting weight, brushing skin to skin. Mostly me trying to kick him every time he squeezes too much. "I think youíre skipping some steps."

"Iím workiní on it!" Truthfully, Iím stiffening again, but not enough for what I want to do to that lovely ass.

"Work on it harder." Suddenly his eyes pin me down. Heís got a hold around my upper arms, and a leg, among other things, thrown over my stomach. "Touch yourself."

I stare at him in disbelief, even as his hands guide mine over my cock.

As if in answer to the challenge, it stiffens at the thought. † Never in a million wet dreams... well, okay, maybe once or twice, but still! I feel lightheaded.

"Heero... aa... let me sit up."

"Daijobu?" He sounds so concerned as he hoists me up. I lean back on his chest, my hands obediently working.

"Hai." I lick my lips. Heero plants his chin on my shoulder, seemingly fascinated with the way I beat my meat. Speaking of... ooh, yeah, time to speed up. Usually this takes me a while ó not that any of that Church doctrine rubbed off on me, but Iíve never been able to take masturbation seriously. Iíve got a good imagination and youíve seen my libido, itís just that I always end up in a giggling fit.

Silly me, I forgot the Heero.

Heís making these, these delicious animal noises, and his arms are like steel vises, and aaah, every time my hips twitch it rubs against his erection. Musnít... do that, shit...

"Hhaahuun..." What? † Oh, thatís me. Heeroís got his hands on my pelvis to immobilize me, his full strength controlling me. I shiver just thinking about all that power beneath me, slipping out of its leash and plunging into a frenzy.

Did he ask a question?

"...do you always do it this way?"

I look down to figure out what heís seeing. Both hands, slippery with saliva and cum, sliding along the tip and pumping the base, a couple of fingers teasing the balls. † And oh yeah, Heero bruising my hips, his short breaths tickling my ear, and my mind turning to jello in re-entry. † Nope, definitely not my usual M.O.

Ah damn. Too far, too fast, Iím not gonna be able to hold onó "Heero!"

He moves pretty fast, even for a Gundam pilot. Heeroís grabbed my hands, and a painful jolt down there tells me what else heís grabbed. It does the job though. Iím back in control. Barely.

Just when I realize Iíve screamed, Heero kisses my mouth. † "Gomen, Duo..."

"Síokay, okay, okay," I mumble, scrambling to my knees. I turn around to look at Heero.

"This way?" Heís on his hands and knees. His erection dripping and hard against his stomach. He looks over his shoulder, trying to look seductive, but the boy just comes off as eager and aroused and completely inexperienced.

I kiss the small of his back. "No. No, I want to see your face." He shakes his head at that, his sweat-drenched hair waving. † "Heero, Iíve got toó"

"Under the chair."

Confused, I feel beneath the wing chair behind us... and come up with a fresh pack of lube. Several things click together.

"Youíve been talking to Quatre, havenít you?" I punctuate this with a slap on his butt. † Heero gasps and almost flinches, but I soothe the reddened skin with a kiss.


"That little hentai. Bet he was pissed I took over his fucking spot."

"He found other places."

Something about the way he said that strikes me as funny and sad at the same time. I lean over him, one hand carefully probing his firm ass, the other twining with his fingers. Nestle against him, scattering kisses on his shoulder to distract him. "Sorry..." And I am. Iím sorry heís been cooped up for almost two days watching Trowa and Quatre get lovey-dovey with each other. Iím sorry I was too wrapped up in my own personal mission to notice what was happening between us.

Heero groans as I make it past that ring of muscle.

Iím sorry it hurts, koi. "Sshh, just relax. Iíll make you feel good." Damn it, heís resisting too much. His training. I crawl a bit closer, squeezing his hand. I lay my head on his chest. His heart is thumping next to my ear. Then with my free hand I hold him close.

Like any good program, training can be overwritten. † Heero knows it too. Instantly his heartrate slows, and I slip a couple of fingers in. Silence descends as I prepare him, gauging my movements by the tension in his body. † This is going to be tougher than expected. Heeroís definitely willing Ė he looks over his shoulder with a desperate look on his face. Itís his body thatís reacting to being in a submissive position.

I withdraw each finger. Donít think I should go for the spot, itíll startle him too much. I catch his lips. Mmm... amazing how natural this feels already. Keeping contact with his mouth, I gently roll him on his side. His arms are around me. Skin to skin...

Back to work. Quickly I get a throw pillow and nudge it under him. He glares at me for the amenity, but Iím in control here so I get to make him comfy. While I lube up, Heero raises his legs. As I hook them over my shoulders, it occurs to me that Quatre must have briefed him well. Far more than Iíd expect little Master Winner to divulge. Iíll have to ask Heero how he threatened Quatre without getting Trowa on his case.

"You ready, Heero?"


...wow. You havenít lived till eyes like Heeroís have stared you down to your marrow. † Watching him carefully, I push in just a little. ...oh God! † Both our breaths catch. His eyes widen a bit, his mouth half-open and making these moaning, whimpering sounds. No, no, not yet. Gotta hold out. Damn it, heís still resisting. † Breathing too fast.

"No," he says. For a sinking instant, I think heís not ready, we canít do it. Instead he growls, "All the way. Now."

The command shoots straight to my brain stem. I jam myself forward into the tight, waiting heat. †He cries out, Iím shivering from the pure pleasure of being buried so deep...

Shit. Iíve hurt him. Heís gone completely silent, biting his lip, fighting the training, managing the pain like heís setting a broken bone or taking a bullet. I could just start moving. Just fuck him mindless till the pleasure overrides the pain. Not to mention heís squeezing me like crazy.

Maybe later. I have a thing about first times, they should be at least above average. I grit my teeth and think of Relena naked. (Nice girl, scary attitude.)

"You did your stretches?" I ask. Dumb question, I know. He never deviates from his morning regimen. But I have to be sure. His morning regimen never used to include getting naked and sticky with me. † Though it might be a nice addition.

He nods fractionally. Gingerly I move his legs off my shoulders. Gotta be careful Ďcause every little movement brings me closer to the edge. His legs part to accommodate me, which does make it easier. Now. Real slow. † Catch one fist. Then the other. Uncurl fists. Heero looks confused. Itís when I place a hand on my shoulder that he understands.

Trying to avoid setting off either of our erections, I settle against his warm, sweaty chest. Heero hooks his legs on my waist. Shaking fingers tangle in my hair. The hug doesnít last long. There. † Heartbeat slows. Muscles relax. He still sounds frantic, but at least heís stopped hyperventilating.

Last step. "Now where were we? Oh yeah." I grin, do a push-up till he gasps. Ha, found it! "I was gonna screw you senseless."

Surprise attacks are my specialty. Before he can react Iíve pulled out halfway and slammed him back a few inches. Oh... oh... fuck, yesssss... yes, yes, yes... Yeah, whoís screaming now?

Holy fuck, heís a natural. Only a few thrusts and heís matching my rhythm. His hands are clamped on my upper arms, hanging on for dear life as I pound him across the carpet. I make sure to hit the spot, make sure to rub against his engorged, glistening member on every thrust. Sweet fucking hell! What the fuck did Quatre tell him?! Itís like his whole bodyís trying to milk it out of me. I can hear myself yelling with every explosion of pleasure. † Heeroís crying out under me, and half-crazed Iím speeding up oh shit oh shit oh my god ...!

With a grunt, Heero grabs my shoulders, his blue eyes fluttering like a flame, and suddenly the world explodes into stars. Ohhhhhh.... I struggle to get my eyes open, to watch him cum, shaking wildly, lips parted and chanting my name. Releasing.

Minutes later I wake next to him on the floor, loose-boned and sated. Weíre both messy, so I kind of flail around till I get a shirt and wipe us up. A tug on my half-dismantled braid. Grimacing, I lean over and kiss Heero. Iím thrilled as I read the emotions flitting across his face... no, I wonít tell you, thatís private business between me and Heero.

Shit. We got away from the pillow I put under Heero ó about a meter. I must have been tanked on adrenaline! "Hey, we really got moving, ne? You okay?"


Apologetically I kiss his reddened shoulder. His backís gotta look terrible. Fair enough, though... I think heís left bruises all over me. "Um... you wanna get up?"

He closes his eyes. "No. Carpetís soft."

With my toes I drag the convenient throw afghan hanging from the chair. I settle down beside him. He makes sure it covers both of us, either really tired or really gentle whenever he touches me.

Iím half asleep already when something else nags at me. Heeroís dozed off on his back, with one hand tangled in my hair. †Iím lying partly on my side.

Itís kind of unmanly to ask someone to hold you.

"Oi, Heero?"


"Gimme a hug."


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