The Final Score
Sequel to Spectator Sports
Fourth Quarter: the Final Score
by Sameshima Shuzumi
4308 wc ~ NC-17 ~
I donít know why I love to get Seiji dirty and then hose him down. To prove that his hair isnít invincible, I guess. Or the real reason he doesnít go uke more often. Don't forget to read the epilogue!
Disclaimer: Heavy doses of everything: lemons, angst, humor, and other curveballs. I don't own the boys, though I sure wish I did.

Hang on to your bishounen, itís the home stretch!

The afternoon wore on. Ryo downed a glass of lemonade. Then he offered it to his companion, wedged between him and the couch back.

"Níthanks," said Touma.

Laughing softly, Ryo wiped the side of Toumaís mouth. Touma shot forward and caught Ryoís fingers, softly sucking the drop of cum heíd missed. Ryo drew in his breath.

"Címon, Touma, youíre gonna get dehydrated. Drink." Obediently Touma gulped down the rest of the juice.

"Wanna gísleep."

"Okay." Ryo shifted to make Touma more comfortable. Theyíd both gotten tired of waiting for their respective executioners---Ryo for Seiji and Touma for Shin---so theyíd been cuddling and kissing since lunch. Ryo sighed. He hoped the other guys would come back soon. Heíd gotten stuck in the kitchen again after Nasutiís godawful phone call, not to mention having to entertain a high-strung tiger and an equally high-strung archer. Well, if the others wanted to starve to death, they were welcome to it, but otherwise there was a stack of sandwiches waiting for them.

/Ryo. Come out back, please./ Ryo nearly jumped. It was Seiji. Carefully he untangled himself from Touma. It took him sometime to find his boxers, which were hanging from the banister.

Ryoís jaw dropped when he saw Seiji through the sliding glass doors. His hair was all over the place, caked with mud and grass. There were grass stains all over his clothes. He looked like heíd been running a marathon. His socks and shoes were already off.

"What happened to you?" Ryo blurted.

Seiji just gave him his usual deathly stare. "Get the hose. Iím not tracking this all over the house."

Ryo ran around back and turned the tap on. He came back, cold water burbling and running down his arm---and stopped in his tracks. Seiji was taking off his shirt.

The lavender eyes stared at him languidly as he revealed his well-muscled chest, stained with even more grime and grass... and cum. Calmly, Seiji undid his slacks and slid off his underwear. Ryo was paralyzed. Seiji just stood there, his tousled hair falling over one eye as usual, completely naked. His mouth twitched, but otherwise he was expressionless.


Ryo came up to him, his hands shaking so much that he was getting as much water on himself as on Seiji.

"Ryo, some of this stuff is ground in." The tiger blue eyes widened. "Come on, I donít have all day."

Tentatively Ryo put his hands on Seijiís back, rubbing off some of the dirt. He thought he heard Seiji sigh at the contact, so he scrubbed harder, feeling the swordsmanís muscles uncoil at his touch.

It occurred to him that he should move lower; after all there was a lot of dirt on Seijiís hips and thighs and butt. Then Seiji started shivering. Ryo mentally slapped himself. The water was freezing! But still he hesitated. Should he touch him...?

Seiji solved his dilemma by flinging his arms around Ryo. His teeth were chattering, and Ryo quickly called on Rekka to warm him up. They pressed together for a long moment before Ryo managed to move again. Seiji still twined around him, he wet the blond hair and picked out the grass and twigs tangled there. Gently he scrubbed the elegant neck, chin, earlobes---the visible lavender eye only broke its intense gaze so he could wash Seijiís forehead and cheeks. Ryo cleaned the pale shoulders, chest, stomach, the strong arms. Again, he paused before moving lower.

"Ryo." Seiji tipped his face up. "You donít ever have to ask." Seiji touched his lips to his. Ryo melted. The water ran down Seijiís back as they kissed. It was a strange feeling to have one side of his body so cold, and the other side almost unbearably warm.

After some time, Ryo reluctantly pulled away. "Seiji... last night..."

"I know. Shuu told me. We all did our share of odd things, last night. Definitely a night to remember," Seiji chuckled. "Now, would you finish the job? I want to go in, take a real shower, and dry my hair!"

Ryo knelt and gave Seijiís sex a playful tug. "Yes, master."

Seijiís eyes narrowed. That gave him some ideas.


Ryo looked up at him suspiciously. "Really what?"

Seijiís lips thinned. It had worked with Shin... /Touch me. Show me what you did last night./

It was thrilling to watch Ryo hold his breath like that. His dark hands twitched, about to drop the hose.

/No,/ Seiji commanded. /Not with your hands./

For a taut moment Ryo stared up at him, the gushing water being the only sound. Then he transferred the hose to the other hand. Seiji thought at first that he was disobeying, or worse, retreating, but Ryo grasped his hand and kissed the tender skin of his wrist. The burning kisses moved up his arm in stark contrast with the cold water running down his legs. Ryoís mouth parted and the tip of his tongue flicked over Seijiís neck and collarbone, barely swiped at his lips, tracing a meandering path down his other arm. Seiji gasped softly as each fingertip was kissed, then Ryo retraced his way up and down along the swordsmanís chest. Seiji stroked the thick ebony hair. He smiled slightly as Ryoís arms jerked up to try to return the embrace, still restrained by Seijiís command. Inexorably Ryo teased his way lower, Seijiís hand tightening over a fistful of hair when the moist lips brushed his lower stomach.

Then Ryo paused, considering Seijiís rekindled need. Seiji closed his eyes, the intensity of the gaze locked in his mind, as though he were still unconscious on the bathroom floor and Ryo was hovering over his exposed body.

The pink tongue tasted once, twice, and agonizingly moved on to the sweating inner thighs. Seiji bit back a curse, trying not to thrust his hips as Ryoís hair brushed his sex. The bright blue eyes flicked up once, savoring Seijiís desperation. Ryo was still playing by the rules.

Without warning Ryoís mouth closed lightly over the stiffened sex. Seiji bit back a moan as Ryo swirled his tongue over it but refrained from pressing, even his quickened breath too excruciatingly close. Seiji yanked Ryoís hair, but it didnít get him to tighten his hold. Nor did it prevent Ryo from pulling back completely.

Seiji reluctantly pulled his fingers from Ryoís hair. He hadnít expected to be so receptive so soon after rough sex with Shin and Shuu. But Ryo was irresistible! Even now, kneeling before him, Ryo licked his lips seductively. Seiji fought to even his breath as Ryo calmly finished washing his ankles and feet, seemingly oblivious to Seijiís engorged sex.

Finally Seiji found his voice. "Iím going to take a shower. Are you coming?"

Grinning, Ryo jumped up and shut off the water, barely giving Seiji time to gather his clothing and satchel before towing him inside. Seiji tried not to smile; Ryo was like an eager child with a new plaything. They only stopped when Seiji caught sight of Touma sprawled on the couch.

Seiji ran a hand through his unruly blue hair, and covered the pale body with a comforter. He would have liked it if Touma had joined them, but he just looked so peaceful... Ryo drew him away with a heartfelt kiss and a lascivious squeeze.

When they got there, Ryo surprised Seiji by lifting him off his feet and placing him in the tub. He turned on the water. Seiji didnít know if it was the water heater or Ryoís armor, but the water was steaming out of the showerhead.

As Ryo shed his boxers to join him, he heard Seiji murmur, "Itís too hot, Ryo."

"Itíll feel better in a minute," Ryo insisted. The heat reddened Seijiís skin, but Ryo instinctively knew it would be better for Seijiís tired body.

Without Seiji having to ask, Ryo soaped the washcloth and began to scrub his skin. Seiji sat back, sighing contentedly. He could get used to this treatment. The hot water was beginning to wrinkle his skin, but it didnít matter. Even the ache between his legs was tolerable in exchange for Ryoís ministrations.

But not for long... Seiji captured Ryoís lips when he got close enough, rivulets of water caressing their faces and dripping from their chins. Never leaving Ryoís lips, Seiji scrambled up, pushing Ryo down to a sitting position.

/Thatís better,/ Seiji sent. /Sittingís going to be hard for a while./

Ryoís hand stroked his ass in sympathy. /Shin?/

/And Shuu./ Seiji breathed a laugh at Ryoís amazed look. Just thinking about their threesome ignited his senses. He was now intensely aware of the water streaming down his iron-hard sex. Coming to a decision, he grabbed Ryoís wrist in a firm grip and moved it off his back.

"Turn around," ordered Seiji.

Ryo looked confused for an instant, but he quickly complied once Seiji began to flip him.

Seiji held his breath at the vision of Ryo on his hands and knees before him, water splashing off his tensed ass and arched back, dark hair matting on his face. He was breathing very quickly, whether from arousal or fear or both, Seiji couldnít tell. Seiji didnít care.

He knelt behind him, taking the pressure off by leaning into Ryoís body, pressing his sex against the hot opening.

"Seiji...?" He almost missed the quavering voice in the pounding water. Seiji leaned forward, resting over Ryoís shoulder so his lips were next to his ear.

"I donít ever have to ask either," he whispered, "do I, Ryo?"

Wrapping an arm around his neck, Seiji lifted them both to a kneeling position. Ryo, choking slightly, grabbed the sides of the tub for support.

Seiji fished for the oil with his free hand. "Do I?"

Ryo shook his head, drops of water flying from his face.

Seiji loosened his hold, kissing Ryoís neck and shoulders. He broke away to pour a little oil in his palm. The water made prepping redundant, but Seiji wanted to feel Ryoís heat before he entered it.

As Seiji forced his way in, Ryo squirmed and jerked under him. He was unbelievably loud, his arms tensing on the tub sides, his neck arching back as Seiji slipped in more fingers. Shaking his head, Ryoís pants turned into the whispered mantra of Seijiís name.

Unable to stand it anymore, Seiji plunged into the watery heat. Ryo shrieked, droplets beating down on his contorted face. The tightness of his body weakened Seiji, and he buried himself deeper, more to support his upper body than anything else. Ryo was sobbing his name now. Seiji reached around to grasp his sex, pumping it in time to his slow thrusts.

The near-scalding water flowed everywhere and made every sensation ten times more powerful. Seiji sped up almost against his will, Ryo crying out beneath him, until hot finality poured over Seijiís hand and he surrendered to Ryoís trembling climax.

When coherent thought returned, they found themselves stretched out in the tub, the shower slapping their backs. Seiji lifted his face from the draining water to look at Ryoís still form. "Are you all right?"

"Seiji..." rasped Ryo. "That was... incredible."

They wasted water for some time, until at last Seiji pulled himself up on the side of the tub. Ryo watched him fumble around with something. Then he sat up, grinning. Seiji was shampooing his hair.

Touma was in the middle of a wonderful dream of lying in strong, familiar arms when laughter woke him. He felt incredibly tired, as though heíd slept too long. And he was hungry. He looked down on himself; he was still naked, but someone had thrown the comforter over him.

He couldnít find his boxers so he wrapped the comforter around his body and padded to the kitchen. The rest of the guys were feasting on the sandwiches. Ryo was teasing White Blaze with a meat scrap. Shin and Shuu were joking around at the table, and Seiji was perched on the stool, his hair and clothes immaculate as usual. It was like everything had gone back to normal.

Touma grumbled under his breath. ĎExcept for me.í

Shuu spotted him first. "Hey guys, itís Sleepiní Beauty!" Seiji kicked him indelicately. The temperature of the room seemed to drop.

Shin sat up straight, about to say something to Touma, but the archer staunchly ignored him. He pulled up a seat opposite Shin and started eating a sandwich.

"Uh, Iíll go take White Blaze for a stroll," Ryo said.

"Iíve got to organize my manga," said Shuu hastily, getting up.

Seiji stayed for a while, watching Touma eat. When Touma reached for a second sandwich, the blond got up, poured a glass of root beer and set it in front of him. /If you need me, Iíll be in the room./

Touma nodded, tearing at his second sandwich.

Shin cleared his throat. "Touma...?"

Touma chewed and swallowed his mouthful. "You guys are my best friends, you know that."

Shin nodded.

"Iíd do anything for you guys. Iíd fight a dozen Masho if I had to."


"So last night," Touma said, "when I kissed you, when I took you down, I was giving my all. I mean, I might have been liquored up, but it did mean something to me."

He glanced up at Shin, then wished he hadnít. The poor kid looked like he was going to unravel right there. ĎAnd I thought Ryo was the guilt-tripper.í

"Iím so sorry I took advantage of you, Touma."

Bam! Touma pounded the table. "Thatís just it, Shin! You didnít. None of us did, really, we just came to terms with somethiní that was always there. It doesnít really mean a fucking thing if itís the armor-bond or our friendship or our raging hormones. Itís there, itís real, and we all acted on it last night." Touma realized he was looming over Shin, and sat back down again.

"Do you remember anything of it, Shin?"

Shin shook his head.

Toumaís voice became colder, more clinical. "How I kept tickling you?" A shake of the auburn head. "The first kiss?" No. "How I thought we should stop, and wait?" No. "When we started frenchiní?" No. "When you touched me?" Toumaís voice was a whisper now. Shin wouldnít look up.


"When I touched you... there?"

Shin was actually squirming. No.

"Do you even remember when I fucked ya till ya almost screamed?"

"Touma..." Shin reached out to touch Toumaís clenched hands.

"DONíT touch me." Touma took a deep breath. "Shin, all I wanna know, if you did it again, with me, sober, would you tell me it counted that way? Just look at me and tell me."

"You know I love you."

"We all love each other. I know that. You understand what I mean. Now, look at me." He tried to keep his hands from trembling.

Shin met his gaze, his wide sea-green eyes brimming with tears.

Toumaís eyes narrowed briefly. He didnít need to touch Shinís soul to know what that look meant. "Baka," he growled. He scrambled up.

"Touma!" yelled Shin, going after him. "Iím so sorry, I didnít mean it!"

Touma stopped on the staircase. "Yeah I know. Thatís why I donít blame you. Iím the baka here."

Seiji was waiting for him when he pelted into the room, unable to hold back the sobs of frustration. He soon realized he was drumming Seijiís body with his fists, so he clung to him instead. "Fucking shit, shit, shit, shit, shit...." Touma screamed, over and over. He felt utterly humiliated. He hadnít wept like this since he was a little kid, but he couldnít stop. After a few more minutes, he didnít care anymore if they all heard him. Theyíd seen everything there was to see, hadnít they?

Seiji held on to him till he ran out of energy. Late afternoon turned into twilight.

Touma emptied out a few more curses into Seijiís chest. The strong arms tightened around him protectively. After a long silence, Touma looked up, and was startled to see the tender expression on Seijiís face. All his features were softened, yet somehow that made the emotions all the more intense. Touma felt a little dizzy, the soft blond hair around him like haze in a dream. It occurred to him that they were going to kiss again.

Touma breathed over Seijiís lips. "Youíre beautiful when you look like that."

Seiji stiffened slightly, but it was buried in the gentle sweetness of the kiss. They savored each other leisurely, exploring with their tongues and lips and their very breath. Seiji hissed as the heat between their thighs brushed together. Touma moaned in answer, grinding forward just that much.

They pulled away, their hearts beating in synchrony.

"Weíve gotta stop doiní that," murmured Touma jokingly.

"No way in hell."

Touma was surprised by the vehemence of the reply. "Seiji... what did I say to you last night?"

The violet eyes flicked away.

"Címon, Seiji, I said those things. You said... I meant them." Touma snaked an arm free and tilted Seijiís chin so they were eye to eye. "Please."

The veneer of control crumbled before his eyes. "You said," Seiji choked on his words, "you said you were so glad to have met me. That you felt empty without me. And then, you said..."

"...I love you. Is that what I told ya?" Touma leaned on Seijiís forehead, shutting his eyes.

"Yes," Seiji breathed. "That was when... I had to check your spirit, to see if you were just saying it. I shouldnít have."

"Why, Ďcause itís driving you crazy?"

Seiji captured his lips in another kiss. "Youíre driving me crazy, Touma."

Touma began to tremble. Seiji held him closer. "God, I donít know anymore. This is too much, too fast. I donít even fucking remember any of it. Iím no better than Shin. How can you even..." The word wouldnít come. "I mean, you watched me goiní at it with Shin. Not that I care, I probably wouldíve watched too, but how can you---"

Seiji decided not to mention all their other partners that day. "It makes sense. Shinís virtue is trust. And, I mean, heís Shin. The last person youíd expect to lead you astray."

"Are you saying he took advantage of me?"

"You were both pretty drunk," shrugged Seiji.

Touma absorbed this thought. But not for long; Seijiís leg shifted ever so slightly to rub against his erection. "Are you taking advantage of me?" Touma grinned.

Seiji kissed his smile. "Would it be too much to..."

"To what?"

He met his gaze. "I want to make love to you."

Touma was drowning in those violet eyes. In answer, he kissed Seiji hungrily, plunging a hand into the blond hair, the comforter falling to the floor. His other hand fumbled with Seijiís slacks. As they eagerly pulled off the remaining clothing, Seiji sent, /Are you sure about this, Touma?/

Touma grunted as Seiji pushed him onto the bed and grabbed his hardened sex. /I donít know about anything anymore. But I do know I wanna feel you inside me./

Seiji almost stopped moving his hand, slowing down to a slow caress over the tip. He stared down at Touma who was softly gasping under his touch.



/How can I deserve you?/

Touma sucked in his breath, less at the urgent pulling as in astonishment. Seiji had never been this open with him, or anyone. All because of something he couldnít remember saying... but the feeling of it was coming back to him now. He grasped the silky shaft, eager to give Seiji at least a small part of what he was receiving. A delightful sound of pure need burst from those usually terse, proper lips.

/Because, Seiji,/ Touma kissed the arching neck above him. /Because if I said it and meant it, it must be true. Iím lost without you. And if I donít feel it now itís because Iím an uptight little shit who canít accept what he feels./

/And Iím a stinking baka who canít show what he feels./

/Then... mmmnh... weíre perfect for each othaí./

Seiji released him, and his kisses explored Toumaís neck, shoulders, the curve of his collarbone. Toumaís chest quivered beneath him, gasping as their heated sexes brushed against each other. Seiji felt curious fingers twining in his hair. He looked up to see Touma watching him, helpless under the onslaught. Seiji shivered. He smoothed his tongue over a nipple.

/Seiji... Seiji.../

/What?/ Seiji took the opportunity to feel around his bedside table. He had some massage oil that would do.

/Alcohol... breaks down inhibitions./ Seiji scowled at him, wondering why he was getting a scientific lecture at this point in the game. /Thatís why I told you thí truth last night. But there are other things.../ he pulled Seiji down to kiss him, /...that break down inhibitions./ Seiji moaned, almost losing his grip on the oil.

/I want you to take me, Seiji. I want you to go all the way down and rip it out of my soul. I want you to make me as crazy as I make you. I.../ A cool, slick finger invaded his heat, / scream...your name.../

"Touma!" One passion-darkened blue eye shivered open. Seiji laughed. "Shut up and let me fuck you."

Touma shut up. Seiji set a slow, careful pace, touching and kissing as his fingers pushed deeper. He leaned over so that they were face to face, so Seiji could watch Toumaís face as he spread him. Unused to the sensation, Touma bucked and moaned, tensing up at every turn. Even then, he never broke eye contact with Seiji.

Touma exhaled as Seiji filled him. The pain made him grit his teeth, but Seijiís hands and tongue and lips softened it. A hand closed over Toumaís sex, and Seiji began thrusting slowly, gaining speed as Touma pushed against him. Beads of sweat formed on Seijiís skin, more from the effort of control rather than the sweetness of Toumaís body. Touma thought his heart would jump out of his chest. This was nothing like the others. This was Seiji, his best friend, the one who loved him, and he never wanted this to end...

Their moans of pleasure grew louder as they drew closer to the edge. Suddenly Touma groaned, his breath catching in his throat. Seiji grinned, and then bent down to muffle Toumaís screams as he brushed the spot again and again. Toumaís whole body began to shake, his breath coming in short gasps; it was all Seiji could do to stay conscious. Finally Touma arched up and came in a hot rush. Seijiís head flung back, the warmth shooting deep into Touma.

They lay joined for a long while. It wasnít pure bliss, but it was close. Carefully Seiji withdrew and collapsed over Touma.



"I didnít scream ya name."

A violet eye glittered at him in the dark. "You did. The whole time." Seiji squeezed his nipples and Touma hissed. "I told you to shut up."

"Iíll always remember this, Seiji," Touma murmured.

"No, you wonít."

"I wonít?"

"Because weíll do better than that."

Touma smiled, ready to let sleep take him. "Donít sleep yet, Touma," Seiji whispered, nibbling at the sensitive skin on the base of his neck.

Touma was about to ask when Seiji shared his link with him. Nodding, he called, "Stop mopiní in the hall and come in here, Shin!"

Shin looked in on the two forms on the bed. He felt like an intruder.

"Are you going to just hover in the doorway?" growled Seiji.

Shin shut the door behind him. He swallowed. "Iím sorry I hurt you, Touma."

Before he could adjust to the darkness, a pair of hands pulled him towards the bed. Touma hugged him, his voice soft in his ear. "Iím sorry I yelled at ya. But I have to thank you now, Shin." He rolled his tongue along Shinís earlobe, and Shin gasped. /If ya hadnít been such a drunken slut, none of us wouldíve come together like this./

Shinís face burned. "Touma!" he cried indignantly. Another pair of hands worked off his shirt, feeling his heaving torso. Shin was dragged onto the bed, the two bodies pressing all around him. His night vision came to him. Seiji was the one undoing his pants, and Touma was laving his chest. He reached out.

"S-Shin!" Touma squealed. The little shit was tickling him. Shin wriggled out of his pants and pushed Touma into Seijiís lap.

"Aw damn it," complained Touma, "I wanted to rest up."

"Now why would you want to do that?" whispered Seiji behind him. Shinís hand began to pull on his sex. Touma squirmed, Shinís tongue flicking through his mouth, Seijiís lips sucking softly on the back of his neck, gentle hands teasing his nipples.

Warm oil flowed over Toumaís sex, and he arched back into Seiji. "Touma," Shin whispered in the dark. "I care about you very much. I want to show you something. And do it right, this time."

Supporting himself on Seijiís shoulders, Shin lowered himself over Toumaís sex. A long low moan erupted from Toumaís throat. He felt so helpless, imprisoned between these two sweaty bodies---Shinís willing heat shifting around him, his mouth covering his, and Seiji bracing him, his own erection rubbing against the small of Toumaís back.

And he knew then, with certainty, that heíd take on the whole youjakai for this: to have friends, lovers, touching him, holding him, showing him realms of pleasure heíd never known existed. To have this place where it wouldnít matter how much he gave, or took, or even if it any of it counted... because after all, who was keeping score?


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