The Final Score
Sequel to Spectator Sports
Third Quarter: Triple Plays
by Sameshima Shuzumi
3589 wc ~ NC-17 ~

Disclaimer: Heavy doses of everything: lemons, angst, humor, and other curveballs. I don't own the boys, though I sure wish I did.

Halftime’s over, and there are lemons on the way!

Touma cringed when he heard the key in the door. He’d already kicked out Seiji, and it was all he could do not to scream at Shin’s soft knock. Now Shuu. After several minutes of banging, he’d thought he’d finally gotten some peace and quiet. He closed his book with a snap. ‘Not today.’

"Whaddaya want?" Touma snapped.

Shuu looked embarrassed. "Aw geez, sorry, Touma. I thought it was Seiji in here givin’ me the silent treatment."

"Seiji’s outside somewhere." Touma bit his lip. Why hadn’t he followed him out there? He knew all his favorite spots. Instead he was in here, itching to claw the walls.

"Oh." Shuu looked like he was going to retreat, but then he stepped inside and closed the door. "You okay, man?"

"Oh, yeah, I’m fine. One of my friends gets me to sleep with him in front of everyone else and he doesn’t remember a thing. And..." Touma trailed off, staring at the perfectly made beds. Seiji had probably insisted on changing the sheets when he’d come back from the shower.

"You and Seiji?" Shuu asked gently.

Touma shot him accusing look. But Shuu had only sympathy in his eyes. Finally Touma shrugged. "Yeah. Seiji’s dealing a lot better than I am. Waitin’ for me to come to my senses." He reached back into his mind again, searching for the memories which weren’t there. At least he knew when he’d taken a wrong turn-- unsupervised, he’d found the rest of Shuu’s stash and downed a couple more. Or five or six. Grimacing, he wondered what might have happened between him and Seiji if he’d controlled himself. If anything would have happened at all. Touma shook his head, trying to clear out the last vestiges of the headache. He still wasn’t sure if holding back would have been a good thing or a bad thing.

/...think about how I feel.../ ‘God, Seiji. I’m sorry.’

As the silence stretched, Shuu sat down on the floor next to the bed. Touma eyed him, wondering when he was going to get the hell out of his room. He noted that Shuu was a little flushed, beads of sweat glistening on his face. Touma didn’t know about what Ryo had dared to do to Shuu while on the phone with Nasuti. Whatever he was sensing, it made Touma feel warmer anyway.

Touma cleared his throat. "So where’s Ryo?"

Shuu’s sigh also alerted some part of his subconscious. "He’s still talking to Nasuti."

"She’s not here, is she?"

"Hell no! We’d be in shitloads of trouble. I just now found a few beer bottles lying around. Not to mention some pairs of boxers. She’s fillin’ Ryo’s ear about this research thingy she’s doin’." Shuu wrinkled his nose. "Ryo’s a bad liar. I’m amazed she hasn’t figured out the whole thing by now."

Touma snickered. "Nasuti barely knows what to do with five samurai troopers. She’d flip her lid if she finds out we’re doin’ orgies on the side, too."

Shuu got uncharacteristically quiet. "Hey, you okay with all this?"

"I told you, do I look---"

"You know what I mean, Touma."

"I think... I’d be okay with this if Shin could fuckin’ hold his liquor." Without warning he launched the book at the back wall. Shuu cringed. "He looked straight into my eyes and told me it counted! I was scared to death, Shuu. I was taking him down and I was scared out of my mind."

"I know," Shuu said.

"Yeah, I know you know, everybody knows ‘cause they saw it. I mean, it’s not that you guys watched that makes it worse, it’s that I can’t just walk away and say it never happened."

"Man, it’d be eating you up inside anyway."

"Fuck. Fuck, you’re right. But doesn’t make it any easier."

Shuu got up and enfolded Touma in a hard embrace. Touma froze at first, then slowly accepted the comfort Shuu was offering. He wasn’t sure the anger was gone, but it did feel better to have somebody holding him. Shuu tightened his hold. Touma felt so fragile in the larger man’s arms. He was physically fighting off tears when he felt a warm kiss in his hair.

"Shit, not you too. What the fuck did you put in that beer?" he mumbled. Shuu’s chest quivered with laughter. Touma inhaled his warm, loamy scent... and something else. "Jesus, Shuu, you’re ready to pop!" He looked up at Shuu. "Didn’t Ryo finish ya off?" he said teasingly.

Shuu’s anxious face said it all.

Touma’s grin faded. "He’s on the phone with Nasuti."

Shuu nodded. "He’s on the phone with Nasuti."

"Fuck." Touma said. With a strength that surprised Shuu, he maneuvered the bigger man into the chair. "Why didn’t ya say so?" He began working off Shuu’s pants.

Shuu watched him, astonished. "You sure about this, dude?"

Touma eyed him. "C’mon, Shuu, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wantin’ to get off all morning. Shit, the tiger was startin’ to look good."

Shuu snickered. "You are sick." He lifted his hips so Touma could slip off the pants and the boxers.

"I hope so." Touma started to move down, then paused. What had barely daunted an intoxicated Ryo the night before was damned intimidating by the light of day.

Shuu rescued him by pulling him onto his lap. "Use your hands. I’ve wanted to taste you since last night."

"Me too," breathed Touma, before simultaneously kissing Shuu and closing over his sex. Shuu moaned into his mouth. Touma licked Shuu’s lower lip, his tongue gaining entrance the way Shin had taught him last night. They began to send frantically.

/I should take these things off./

/No... no time./

/How ‘bout we get Ryo up here?/

/Damn it, Touma, he’s got to hold off Nasuti or we’re all... ooohhh.../ Shuu’s arm snaked around Touma’s neck.

/No wonder Ryo pushed you into round two./

Shuu gasped as Touma started pulling in earnest. /You watched us?/

/’Course. I thought I’d imagined it, except Seiji saw it too./ Touma nipped at Shuu’s lower lip. /We’re all even now, ne?/

Shuu couldn’t answer by this point. His hips pushed off the chair, taking Touma up with him. Touma thought the breath was going to get sucked out of him, Shuu had such a relentless kiss. At last Shuu pulled away, arching back until he faced the ceiling. Touma tasted the tensed neck as hot cum flowed into his hand and over Shuu’s spread thighs. He couldn’t help but feel awed by the powerful body shuddering beneath him. ‘If this is what it takes to immobilize Kongo... I should do it more often.’

Shuu lay back, panting.

"Lovely," Touma commented.

"Yeah, it’s pretty messy, huh?" Shuu whispered. Touma had never seen him this winded before.

"Shuu... I’m curious. Have you ever thought about Shin, like this?"

Shuu nodded weakly. "You’ve seen ‘im work. You and Ryo are great, but man oh man, if Shin ever gave me a second thought, he’d have me wrapped around his little finger."

Touma slid down, wiping off cum with a tissue. He leaned on the strong thigh, eyeing the rest of the junk. "Well, lemme tell ya, he ain’t little."

Shuu laughed weakly. He stroked Touma’s spiky hair. "I think I’ve always kinda liked him, but you know..."

"Yeah. I know what you mean." Touma dabbed his tongue at a bit of cum on Shuu’s inner thigh. Shuu shivered. He turned serious blue eyes to Shuu’s sweaty face. "You don’t mind if I find out... if it counted or not?"

Shuu nodded. "Do what you’ve gotta do. It’s Shin’s decision anyway. Just so I get next shot at him, ‘kay?"

"Of course." Touma tasted more of the stuff... salty, kind of like the rich smell of Shuu’s skin but stronger.

"That reminds me," Shuu was saying, "I gotta go find Seiji."

But Shuu stayed a little while longer.

Sunshine now blazed into the clearing. Sitting in the shade of a tree, Seiji felt his body relax at last, melting into the hypnotic music. Barely breathing, he sent his spirit inward to try to make sense of the turmoil within.

‘This is all so confusing. Yesterday Touma was my best friend. They’re all my best friends. And now... are we lovers? Does this change things?’ Seiji switched to another song. ‘Actually, I haven’t sensed a loss of trust, except maybe in Touma, but he’s got a reason. Something has shifted... and I need to face my own feelings about this.’

Crrrack! Seiji jumped up at the sound of the twig snapping. Bird chirps, the small rustlings of animals, and softly creaking branches swept into the sudden stillness.

"Come out," he said.

"Sorry, Seiji," came the familiar voice. "I was on the paths and I heard you playing. It’s quite beautiful."

Shin stepped out of the shadows, his face a little drawn but otherwise back to his usual quiet self. Seiji frowned despite himself. Yesterday Shin had been the mediator of the group; now he was the unwitting catalyst for all this trouble.

"Do you mind?"

"Uh, I’m sorry, Seiji. I kind of have to talk to you."

‘Why me? Why don’t you talk to Touma, you little shit.’ "Oh? What about?"

Shin turned bright red before his eyes. "This morning."

‘Not last night? Oh, that’s right, you don’t remember last night.’ Gripping the flute, Seiji leaned against the tree with crossed arms.

"It’s just that you... uh... when you came out of the bathroom, I saw you..."

‘What the hell is this about? Because I got a hard-on looking at you? Your beady, startled, deer-in-the-headlight eyes?’ With an effort, Seiji calmed himself. He was projecting into useless anger. He ought to do something useful with it. "Well, you can hardly blame me, after what happened last night."

Shin looked up sharply at his words. Seiji’s eyes widened a fraction, but he didn’t catch it. "I’m so sorry, Seiji. About Touma. About you."

So Shin did think something had happened between them. Seiji looked him over; he had a slender frame but the chest and legs and the stamina of a swimmer. "It was a rather interesting performance," Seiji purred. "I got the impression-- have you been holding out on us, Shin?"

"When you’re one year ahead in school, you pick up a few things," Shin said warily.

A predatory light flickered in Seiji’s eyes. The grove was cool and quiet. Nobody would bother them. And he was curious... Seiji walked over to Shin, running the smooth wooden flute along Shin’s jaw. "Will you show me?" Seiji said, moving towards Shin.

‘There’s that look again. I swear, I could make him jump off a cliff.’ A violet flick of the eyes downward, and Shin, mesmerized, was unbuttoning his shirt. ‘Or make him fuck me.’

Even through his drunken stupor Seiji had realized one thing from watching, last night: being uke, the bottom, meant you had more power, not less. The amount of pleasure might depend on seme, but the pace was up to uke. Besides, he wanted to see firsthand just how pliable little Suiko was. How far he could make him go, especially since he thought he’d slept with Seiji. ‘That’s right, little slut. Here’s a taste of your own medicine.’

Shin’s hands were shaking. He kept getting bewildering flashes from the night before, of strong hands, violet eyes so dark as to be almost black. Seiji drew closer, his scent blending with the clean air of the forest, one hand freeing his own shirt, the other running the bamboo flute down Shin’s chest. Shin was ahead of him; he undid the last button and rested his hands on top of Seiji’s slacks, focusing on the waves of heat rising from Seiji’s skin so he wouldn’t have to meet those smoldering violet eyes.

Seiji wanted to crow with delight. He’d pay with pain, but it was worth it to see Shin tremble like a leaf. Just as Touma had done. "Are you frightened, Shin?"

A shake of the auburn hair---clearing his mind, rather than a negative answer. "I’ve never done this before."

"Nonsense, Shin, of course you have. We all watched you."

Shin turned a deeper shade of crimson. "I mean," the green eyes finally looked up to meet his, "I’ve never taken anyone."

Seiji raised his eyebrows. ‘How much has Shin been holding out? Does he mean he always ends up uke? And I always thought he was the most virginal of the group.’

Shin looked like he was going to bolt. So Seiji pulled him even closer, skin to skin, and started kissing him. Seiji’s hands roved up and down, enjoying the feel of the shorter man. He nibbled at the bruised skin on Shin’s neck, and with a whimper of pain the surprisingly powerful arms crushed Seiji closer. With his free hand Seiji worked on his jeans, then his boxers, until Shin was fully exposed. Shin was obliged to do the same for Seiji. No turning back.

As Shin’s eager fingers undid his slacks, Seiji got a strange flash---that these were different hands, darker, less delicate. ‘What the--’ Shin grasped his sex then, and Seiji had to drop the flute, moaning at the expert treatment. Desperately he tried to concentrate on the scrap of memory. It was unexpectedly easy since Shin was doing the same thing, forcing him down, running his curious hands up and down... the way Ryo had.

‘Ryo? My God. I must have been passed out. But those were his hands on me, and his aura...’ Seiji kissed Shin to hide his confusion.

Shin was drowning in the sensations. Seiji---cold, beautiful Seiji---was offering himself to him. He nipped and sucked at his nipples until they were hard nubs, entranced by the soft noises Seiji was making. They were both getting closer, there was little time to waste. Shin reached down, probing the tense opening, gasping himself when Seiji spread wider and perfectly relaxed his muscles.

Seiji was finding that arousal enhanced his mental control rather than diminishing it. Oh, Shin was a delicacy all right, just as sweet and seductive as he’d seen. Seiji was certainly giving him his full attention, as Shin’s thoughts washed over him, getting stronger and stronger. But his mind kept flitting back to Ryo... he arched back into a patch of sunlight as Shin went deeper, knowing it set his hair ablaze, thinking Ryo would have liked to do this out here under the trees. He imagined Ryo touching him, tiger-bright eyes half-lidded and curious.

Suddenly his eyes flew open. Someone else was thinking the same thing.

"Seiji. We need some lube," Shin whispered.

"Why don’t you... ask Shuu to get it?"

Shin froze on top of him.

Last weekend Shuu had cheated at hide-and-seek by marking all the trails with his ki. There were still some remains of Kongo’s energy, and he’d followed them to the clearing. He was so preoccupied with the daunting task before him---asking Seiji about Ryo---that he didn’t pay attention to the sounds around him. By the time he realized what the soft gasps meant, he heard Seiji say his name.

/That’s right... come here, Shuu./

Hesitantly Shuu entered the clearing. His heart caught in his throat at the sight before him. Shin leaned over Seiji, bending the ivory pale legs back, both their naked bodies glistening in the sunlight.

"I should go," Shuu croaked.

/Wait./ "What’s wrong, Shin?" Seiji asked.

Shin’s eyes were locked on Shuu. He couldn’t seem to speak.

Seiji was whispering, but his voice seemed to carry across the clearing. "You want him, don’t you?"

Shin made no move. His heart beating faster, Shuu could read the answer in Shin’s wide sea green eyes.

"Come here, Shuu. There’s some oil in my satchel up there. Please get it, and give some to Shin."

Shuu walked past them, retrieving the small bottle as Seiji instructed. Shin’s eyes locked on his, he poured oil onto his trembling palm.

"Well?" Seiji said breathlessly. He was aching to be filled now, and it showed in his voice.

"I can’t," Shin choked out. "Not while he’s watching."

"You had no problem last night," said Seiji softly. He was stroking the auburn hair, falsely comforting. His violet eyes flashed dangerously. When Shin didn’t answer, Seiji arched up to look at Shuu, upside-down.

"Take off your clothes."

Shuu stared at him, his mouth gone dry. Those same piercing violet eyes had watched him, last night, when he tore at Ryo’s hair as waves of pleasure sent his body shaking. Shuu felt weak, seeing that knowledge in those irises. The sunlight reflected off Seiji’s eyes in that eerie way Korin had. It occurred to Shuu that it was too bright for this, as though they had entered Seiji’s territory and were subject to his rules.

Seiji began working Shin with his hand, watching as Shuu’s attention was drawn to Shin’s arching body and shuddering gasps. /You were with Touma, weren’t you?/

Shuu didn’t deny it.

/And you knew about Ryo./ Seiji drew Shin up to cover his mouth with his. /I want Shin to take me, but he won’t without your help./ The swordsman didn’t need to say it: /you owe me./ It wasn’t true, but Shuu believed it anyway.

Shin broke away to look up at Shuu taking off his shirt. "Shuu..." he breathed.

"Go ahead," Shuu said. He began to undo his jeans.

Seiji’s closed his eyes, breathing coming out in short gasps as Shin slicked and stretched the depths of his body. Shuu kicked off his shoes---he was down to his boxers. Crouching in the cool earth, he was fixated by Shin’s small quick fingers rubbing oil over his stiff shaft. Shin glanced up at his stare, the sea-green eyes nervous, and Shuu gave him a small encouraging smile.

It was so quiet that they were unprepared for Seiji’s groan as Shin entered. Shin found his voice. "If you want to stop, I’ll stop."

Seiji shook his head, and without warning arched up to impale himself further. Shin bit his lip, thrusting quickly and deeply to Seiji’s pace. He looked up at Shuu, beads of sweat running down his face, his eyes glazed. /Rub oil on yourself, like I did. You don’t need to prep me./

/Shin, are you sure?/

/Seiji won’t slow down. And... I want you to./

Shuu took off his boxers. He couldn’t help chuckling when Shin’s eyes widened at his full erect length. He poured oil over it, gasping softly at the feel of it. He ran a finger along the clenched muscles of Shin’s butt, feeling exhilarated when they shivered from his touch. Before now Shuu hadn’t realized he’d wanted this so badly.

Shin’s whole body was shaking in anticipation. He’d slowed down considerably, and Seiji helped him by locking his arms around his shoulders. "I’m ready," murmured Seiji.

Shin sucked in his breath at the feel of Shuu against him, burning his skin. "As far as you can go," he said to Shuu.

"Like this?"

Shin was breathless. /We’ll fine-tune later, love. For now, just fuck me./

Shuu shoved deep into Shin’s body the same time as Seiji clenched his muscles. Shin cried out-- being pinned from both sides was almost too overwhelming.

Because Shin couldn’t, Seiji urged Shuu on. /Go at your own speed, Shuu. It’ll be over soon./

With the next thrust Seiji almost passed out from the burst of pleasure which shot through his spine. Shuu’s powerful thrusts rammed Shin over the spot again, pushing Seiji along the soft grass. The sunlight glinted over their slick bodies, moving in unison. The forest absorbed their gasps and breathless screams. Shin felt like he was floating, engulfed by Seiji’s exquisite body, filled so completely by Shuu. Amazingly, Shuu spasmed first, releasing into Shin with a loud groan. Seiji threw his head back and in a blinding rush cried out next. A bare second later Shin poured himself into Seiji’s body.

With an effort Shuu disengaged and flopped onto the grass. Shin and Seiji couldn’t bring themselves to move for some time. Finally Shin withdrew, crawled over to Shuu and fell fast asleep on his chest.

Seiji sat up. His whole body was buzzing. He felt strangely empty now; even his spirit seemed drained of the former angry energy. Then he looked down on himself. "Yuck."

"Man, you look like hell," Shuu agreed. Seiji grimaced. "Lookit your back. Sorry, Seiji."

"I asked for it," Seiji said, frowning at the dirt and grass all over his back. And in his hair. "Well, nothing for it. This is all going in the wash." He began to put on his clothes.

"Hey Seiji?" Shuu said, smoothing Shin’s disheveled hair. "Thanks."

"It was an accident, really. A very fortunate accident." Seiji bent down and kissed Shuu. Despite himself, Seiji was enjoying this game of collecting kisses; it told him far more about his companions than any armor bond. Which reminded him... "Ryo sent you here?"

Shuu nodded. "He’s a little freaked out."

"As usual." /What about Touma?/

Shuu frowned at the sleeping form beside him. /Shin needs to talk to him. He’s not gonna listen otherwise./

Seiji nodded. His mind was still reeling from the recent diversion, but it was diversion nonetheless. It was impossible now to bury his feelings and remain impassive. Lost in thought, he put on the satchel and returned to the house.

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