Epilogue to The Final Score
by Sameshima Shuzumi
1123 wc ~ NC-17 ~
This is the epilogue to "The Final Score." I apologize in advance for the use of the phrase "erotic earthquake." Oh, and the orgy part was easy... figuring out the best way to drape Seiji around Touma for maximum kawaii-ness took me the better part of a day.

Yeah, that’s right. I said, *orgy.*

Ryo checked the papers again. "Yes!" He pumped his fists. White Blaze growled at him as he dashed up the stairs. The big cat smelled mischief in the air.

Touma was reading, slumped comfortably in the bright green loveseat the guys had gotten him as a birthday present. Seiji was dozing over his lover with one arm as Touma’s neck-rest, and using Touma’s collarbone as a pillow. Dark blue eyes looked up at Ryo through a cushion of blond hair.

Ryo smiled at the scene. /Hard day?/

/He’s wiped out,/ Touma answered.

/There’s a hockey game. Got lots of chips and dip./ Ryo shut the door quietly.

Seiji sighed beneath Touma. "What did he want?"

"Hockey game."

Touma grimaced as his body pillow shifted. "Really."

They heard Ryo next door, asking Shin and Shuu if they wanted to watch. Shuu asked loudly if there was going to be food.

"Come on, Touma," Seiji purred. "Don’t you want to play?"


"But that’s why you love me, ne?"

Touma turned Seiji over and frenched him thoroughly, keeping a thumb in his book. "Too true."

They all made it down in time for the first play. Seiji and Touma snuggled on one side of the couch, Ryo sank into the middle cushions, and Shin sat on the other side with Shuu on the floor between his legs. A huge comforter was spread over the four on the couch.

After a while, White Blaze got bored with the flickering TV and wandered off. Shuu stole the popcorn from between Touma and Ryo. Shin pulled up his legs under the comforter.

The chatter died down as neither team was able to penetrate the other’s defenses. Even in the relative silence, it took some time before Shuu noticed that Ryo was gasping softly above him.

"Okay, which of you is jacking Ryo?" Shuu demanded.

Shin raised his eyebrows and shook his head. Touma looked innocent as Seiji pulled him closer. Ryo just threw his head back and moaned.

Then something hit the back of Shuu’s head. Shin’s shorts.


"It’s not me, it’s Touma," Shin protested. "But I get his back." He lifted Ryo into a kneeling position. Ryo groaned as Touma lost his grip.

The archer grinned. "Shin, catch," he said, tossing the lube over. Seiji threw the comforter off. Touma had managed to pull Ryo’s pants down to his thighs, and Ryo wasn’t wearing any underwear. Smirking, Seiji reached around Touma to pull Ryo’s legs forward. Touma undid Seiji’s pants as the swordsman bent down to take Ryo into his mouth.

Ryo was a quivering mass now, Shin prepping him quickly as Shuu spread lube over Shin’s erect sex. "Thanks, love," Shin said, before ramming his full length into Ryo. Their leader collapsed against Shin’s chest as he began to thrust deep into the tight, molten heat. Still trapped with his pants around his ankles, he writhed and groaned piteously.

"Uhnn... uhnnn... uhn..."

Touma had finally removed his and Seiji’s underwear. He was positioning himself to enter the fray via Seiji’s smooth white ass when Shuu intervened. He grabbed Touma’s waist and deposited him on the floor.

"Hey! What the fuck?!" Seiji opened a lavender eye to see what was the matter.

"Oh no," Shuu said, "I’m not getting left out this time!" Touma watched as Shuu grabbed the lube which had rolled away beneath Shin, giving his lover a pat on the ass. Then he moved all three of them-- shifting Ryo over so they were all on the diagonal. Touma caught Seiji’s foot before he spilled off the couch, wedging it on the side.

Shin slowed down to give Shuu a little more time. Ryo practically growled at him, grasping his slim hips and trying to pull him deeper. "Hurry up, Shuu!"

Winking at Shin, Shuu freed his considerable length. Touma stared at it with trepidation. "I... don’t know about this, Shuu."

/You chicken, Touma?/

Touma glared at Seiji. "Hell no."

Shuu pushed Touma’s face underneath Seiji. "Just keep yourself occupied and leave the rest to me."

Shin raised an eyebrow at this, but he picked up his pace nonetheless.

Touma licked Seiji’s already moist tip, and without looking up, the blond shifted closer. /If you bite me, I’m going to disembowel you./

"Then you just gotta hold still." Obediently Seiji locked his hips over Touma. Suppressing a smile at his lover’s hot length, Touma took him all the way down, pleased by the familiar tremor of the sleek body above him. He absorbed himself completely in the task, oblivious to Shuu’s preparations and arrangements below.

Admiring Touma’s flexible body, Shuu pressed against his opening. Shin, knowing too well what was coming, tightened his grip on Ryo’s hips.

Shuu eased all the way in.

Touma groaned, long and loud.

Seiji sucked in suddenly.

Shin managed not to pass out, but he was sure Ryo stopped breathing for a minute.

Shuu began thrusting in earnest, grasping Touma’s sex in one hand and holding him down with the other. The cycle began again. As soon as he was able, Touma began to meet Shuu’s thrusts, encouraging a faster pace. As the erotic earthquake coursed through them all, Ryo’s head lolled to the side, his eyes fluttering with the sensation. The light from the screen flickered over their sweaty bodies. He opened his mouth, trying to say something.

"The... Angels ‘re winning."

"Ryo!" /Ryo!/ /Ryo!/ "Ryo!"

"Wha--? Unnnhhh!"

Ryo thrust into Seiji’s mouth and clenched, bowing his body against Shin. Seiji swallowed the hot rush, Ryo’s hips shaking uncontrollably. Shin made a keening sound into the ebony hair as he released his essence into the velvet heat. Seiji gripped Ryo as he and Touma and Shuu came almost simultaneously.

They lay there, panting in the afterglow. The cheers from the hockey game were the only sounds for some time. At last they began to stir. Touma and Ryo were completely gone, so the others stripped them and piled them together. Seiji switched off the television and lit the floating candles. Shin and Shuu finished undressing each other, though not without a few giggles.

Touma came to. "Mmmm...traffic wa’ blocked t’day due to a five-Troopah pileup." Seiji glared at him, and he snickered. "Wha’ now?"

Seiji picked up a bag from behind the couch and spilled its contents onto the floor. Their eyes widened at the assortment of toys. Touma picked up a bottle of oil and squinted at its ingredients. Kitten-like, Shin went on his hands and knees and caught a fistful of shimmering ribbon. Ryo roused himself to grab at a metallic object.

The swordsman crossed his arms, the candlelight flickering over his nude body. "Round two."

Four pairs of hands pulled him down.



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