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Most people who didn't go to see Digimon: The Movie (or twice, like me ^^) don't know who Willis / Wallace is. Why is he connected to Henry?


On the Surface

This is one of those strange cross-pollinations between separate Digimon universes. (A more well-known one goes by the name of Ryo Akiyama.) Wallace is a lone digidestined living in America, somewhere in Colorado. Yes, Wallace has no team, but he does have two digimon. Twins! And they happen to be Terriermon and Lopmon (Gummymon and Chocomon, as cute Rookies.) He only appears in the 2-part OAV, "Digimon 02: Hurricane Touchdown" and "Digimon 02: Supreme Evolution! the Golden Digimentals", aka the third Digimon movie in Japan.

Terriermon: *to Lopmon* You look like a chocolate flavored me!
- Episode 33

That's not the only parallel. Wallace is pictured in two versions, toddling around with the twins in a flashback, and in his current eleven-year-old form. Little Wallace is innocent and carefree, running around the Colorado countryside. Big Wallace is, safe to say, 100% angst-filled bishonen. Why? Well, poor Chocomon was infected by a sentient virus and disappeared suddenly. But now he's reappearing, hideously mutated and evil, and he's trying to tell Wallace something... before trying to smash him into the concrete.

The FoxKids Version

The U.S. version "Digimon: The Movie" kicks the angst up a notch by making Willis the creator of said virus. This is due to what I call the "re-mix effect." The U.S. FoxKids version actually ties together three *separate* OAVs. Willis is the unifying element. This is important because in the "re-mix" he's an incredible genius. Izzy corresponds with him throughout the first two parts of the movie, and Willis really knows his way around computer science.

Back to Tamers: Henry

Henry is a handsome, smart young man whose room is literally floor-to-roof filled with computer equipment. His father is a computer programmer who gives him a Digimon game from America (!). And from that game, his partner Terriermon appears. (Not the same Terriermon.) Henry's big thing throughout the series is whether or not to fight; Wallace is also reluctant to fight because he's taking on his own digimon. Another parallel is Henry's sudden need to go it alone without his friends. In both versions, Wallace needs a long (tearful) pep-talk from Daisuke/Davis to accept help from the others in the team. Shall I go on? ~_^

Lee: Shuichon needs to return to the real world quickly, and for that, we need to rescue Culumon. I... I'll do this!
Ruki: What do you mean "I'LL" do this?
- Episode 37
trans. by Splash

...and Suzie

The "other half" of Wallace is the little tot who took care of Chocomon // Lopmon. Suzie, anyone? It seems really odd, but there it is. They seem to be the same age, pre-kindergarten, and they're both adventurous little kids who love to play with their digimon. (Though I daresay Wallace doesn't get as squeezy as Suzie.) It is significant in film theory that our first view of Henry is in the background of Suzie's closeup shot. She's also the first one to speak, while Henry doesn't have lines till later.

Same Yet Different

There is one big difference between the Henry/Suzie composite and Wallace -- blondie's a momma's boy. He calls home to say he's fine a lot (which gets destroyed in the English dub.) Granted, he's traipsing around in the other end of the country. Still, Suzie and Henry both seem to favor their father. And neither of them particularly "call home." ^_^

Besides all that, the resemblance of the character design is uncanny. Not that I want Henry to be a blond... but you have to admit the hair is rather similar. And in anime, hair is everything! *g* The eye shape is also quite striking. Anyway, I really think this is just an interesting side-note on Henry's origins as a character. He resembles several former digidestined, but he's always his own guy.

Stats on Wallace

Japanese Name: Wallace
Dubbed Name: Willis
Japanese Voice Actor: Unknown
English Voice Actor: Bob Glouberman
Age: 11
Digimentals: Miracles and Fate (I've seen it as "Destiny" in a foreign site.)
Digimon Partners: Chocomon and Gummimon


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Pictures of Wallace and his partners

Click on the picture to open a larger file.

Wallace and Terriermon and Lopmon

This is edited from a movie poster of the third movie. It's rather distorted from the actual animation... which in itself is *very* weird.

Movie 3

Movie 3 official pic: Gargomon and Flamedramon vs. Antiramon

Movie 3

Movie 3 official pic: chased through New York

Movie 3

Movie 3 official pic: Terriermon and Veemon, and Daisuke and Wallace all have fun

This new window opens to Digimon City's Movie 3 screencaps. Here you'll find lots of pictures of Wallace (yum!) and his Terriermon and Lopmon. THREE WARNINGS: 1) This site is in German. 2) Despite that, it contains SPOILERS for Digimon: the Movie. 3) Last but not least, DO NOT STEAL! Even if you can't read German, I can, and the webmaster wants you to ask before you take anything. [Movie 3 Info] [Hurricane Touchdown] [Golden Digimentals]

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