Who is Henry?

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Who is Henry?

I think I was pretty selfish when I was younger...
That's a pretty deep question. Here's what I know:

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Official Stats

Name: Lee Jenrya / Li Jianliang [more]

Age: 10

Grade: 5

Partner: Terriermon

D-Arc: green

Description: His dad is Chinese from Hong Kong, and his mom is Japanese. He's gentle and calm, and seems older than his age. He thinks of Digimon as beloved friends.
This is most likely a translation of the official Toei information on Lee. I've checked a few of the words, but it needs to be confirmed.

Japanese Seiyuu: Yamaguchi Mayumi
(Also played Gabumon. Blood Type: A; Birthday: May 12; Born in Iwate)

Pic of Lee's seiyuu

Name: Henry Wong

Age: 13

Grade: 7 or 8

Partner: Terriermon

D-Power: green

Description: Although soft-spoken and gentle, his calm exterior hides the heart of a lion! He is the most courageous of all the DigiDestined.
As you may have guessed, this is FoxKids' wobbly description of Henry. "Tamers". The world is "Tamers".

English Voice Actor: Dave Wittenberg
(Wrote "When is a Mon Justimon?" Voiced video games, theme parks, various commericals. He's also a writer/producer/stand-up comic of some not-so-kiddie shows. If you're an adult, you can search for "The Mr. Bonko Show" and find some interesting stuff. There's also a radio personality by the same name, but I am unsure if they're the same person. That one worked in Boston and L.A., and yes, his resume isn't meant for kids either. In fact, I have a link to a jpg of this guy's backside.)

Hair: Blue, kind of spiked to the right
Eye color: Grey
Ethnicity: half Chinese, half Japanese

Toei official pic of Henry

Stats :: Personality :: Details

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Personality and Conjecture

2002 Sameshima Shuzumi


Henry is a serious, reserved boy. He's definitely more mature for his age. He's very intelligent; he can improvise tactics, spot patterns, and grasp complicated concepts. (He seems to think out loud a lot.) He loves computers and games, and he studies martial arts. In public he speaks up about a matter when necessary. He doesn't stand to the front or close to people, unless they're his friends. With his family, he's more likely to be assertive (and he needs to be if he wants to be heard.) Despite his restraint, he can become intensely angry and block out everything else around him. With Terriermon, his sense of humor comes out more often. Hierarchy is important to him; he's more likely to seek wisdom and learning from his elders, and acts as a caretaker to those younger or weaker than him. Overall, Henry exemplifies a strong mind, spirit, and body, but he keeps a tight lid on his emotions.

I think I was pretty selfish when I was younger. I had so many brothers and sisters, the only way I could be heard was to assert myself. When I learned martial arts from sensei, he taught me that we learn to fight in order to avoid fighting. But I used my power against a neighborhood kid and I hurt him. After that, I always felt that I had to hold back... that fighting was wrong. But this is different. This is a battle that means something! Fighting for a purpose is different than just fighting to fight. This is something I have to do. This is something that only Terriermon and I, and my friends can do!
- Episode 45

Each of the three main characters have some thematic conflict going on throughout the series. Henry's is controlling the need to fight. Though a self-proclaimed pacifist, he seems to have no problem destroying digimon who are harming others. He has a big problem with treating them like fighting machines. Henry is probably the physically strongest of the younger Tamers, but he doesn't show it unless he needs to. I don't know any other ten-year-old who can wield a sledgehammer. In part he's so reserved because he quells that impulse to fight. Why? Because he hates to hurt other innocent creatures. (It really reminds me of Ken when he realizes that Digimon are real and not toys.) Early on he does have a pretty fixed sense of enemy vs. friend (later too, when he finds out about Suzie's partner.) He seems to feel that digimon are worthy to be treated as friends and enemies. That's what sets Henry apart: he doesn't discriminate between creatures made of data and creatures made of flesh.

Henry, to me, wavers between treating digimon like equals and treating them like sentient animals. That's the subtle difference between him and Takato. Goggle-boy wants a friend, a pet, a companion. Henry just wants to have fun with his digimon. Terriermon certainly supplies him with no end of fun ^^, and in return Henry takes care of him. He takes him almost everywhere. He teaches Terriermon a lot of things, including reading, martial arts moves, video games, and (rather unsuccessfully) etiquette. And how to hide in plain sight from the rest of Henry's family. Henry also comes up with the idea to let the digimon take a vacation. Terriermon is an apt choice for his partner, as he does lean towards treating him like a pet. Or, a pet/friend. You're not mean to your pet, you love it and take care of it and teach it to grow. But it's not you, and it doesn't exist just to please you. Right off, Henry and Terriermon have a strong emotional bond. Takato raises Guilmon to be almost human; Henry is caring for a friend who happens to be a digimon.

Henry is a cool customer. The fact that he can wander around with a "cute stuffed animal" on his shoulder is a testament to his self-confidence and poise. I get the feeling that Takato and Terriermon and the others are his first group of friends. Henry... doesn't quite fit in with the others. He seems more at home talking to Renamon than Rika, and really doesn't become close friends with anyone other than Takato. There are some things that may set him apart naturally: his intelligence, his mixed heritage, and his height. (You remember elementary school, don't you?) Overall, Henry sets himself apart; he's okay with being in the background. Calm, composed, thoughtful, but not immune to freaking out when something goes wrong. He seems comfortable interacting with adults more than kids... and if I didn't know any better I'd peg him as the only child instead of Takato. Instead, he's the middle child. He has three siblings: an older brother and older sister, and of course younger sister Suzie. He takes his roles as big brother and Tamer very seriously. The roles often conflict when it comes to Suzie, of course. I certainly wouldn't let my little sister play in my room, much less dress up my digimon in doll's clothes. Fortunately Terriermon gets over his trauma to be quite protective of Suzie.

Henry does a lot of things the way adults do, and clearly looks up to his role models. He takes Takato aside to berate him over what he thinks is thoughtless behavior, he takes the time to explain things thoroughly, he almost always stops to question the course of action. He hesitates too much at times. It's difficult for him to change his course of action (like not letting his dad know about digimon or not letting Terriermon fight.) But when he does, he admits that he's wrong. He's really the mediator of the group. He's more comfortable when he has more knowledge about a situation and can teach or share that knowledge with others. If he doesn't have the information, he goes to someone who might help him. He'll do anything to help or protect others (even if he's a bit grumpy in the wee hours.) Henry also thinks aloud, which may account for Rika's dubbing the boys "the Obvious Brothers."

We're fighting completely blind!
- Episode 14

However, Henry's a kid and he enjoys being a kid. His humor's rather dry compared to Terriermon's snide and sometimes snarky attitude. He likes hanging out with Takato and Terriermon and Guilmon. He has a great laugh. Can't have a Henry site without mentioning "Momantai!" It's Chinese for "take it easy, it'll be all right." Terriermon uses the world liberally ^^. It probably originates from Henry's dad, since it's Chinese; it's possible it came from Terriermon 'him'self. Henry certainly keeps his cool and tries to work things out first. Henry is also independent for his age. He doesn't just look down on the world from his high rise home, he walks around all over the city (though at a decent hour, unlike Rika). His family is very rich, but he's not spoiled at all. The only thing that really dampens his day is having to fight.

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Lee goes to the same school as most of the Tamers but he isn't in Takato's class. He is the tallest of the younger Tamers; Ryo is older and taller. (I need to see Lee next to Hirokazu to make sure of this.) He and Rika are the first to meet their digimon partners. His D-Arc is green; he wears it on his left and slashes it with his left hand, card slashing down. His biomerge is to the left of the screen. There are shots of him holding the D-Arc on both hands, though I think he's either left-handed or ambidextrous. (I need to watch some of the earlier episodes to really be sure.) Terriermon usually perches on his right shoulder or on his head. Lee's "uniform" is a dark shirt with an orange zip-up vest with a high collar, brown pants, and grey shoes with yellow highlights. His wristbands are white, and his shades have rounded Lennon-type frames with what looks like green tint. He brings a yellow towel to camp. Later in the series he favors a green jacket. He puts his hands in his pockets a lot (I see you, you hentais, shoo); he isn't fidgety.

His house slippers are red (though most of the family seems to have the same kind.) The computer where Terriermon emerged is probably facing the window at the end of the room, with a message board to Lee's right and the door to his back. He has a simple bed with what looks like metal headboards, and light blue-green carpet with thin white stripes. So, clockwise it's the picture window and video game computer, message board and computer shelves, the door, and the bed. Why do you need to know this? I don't know, you're still reading, aren't you? ^_^ Onwards...

Lee is fond of computer games and figuring out strategies for them. (Somehow I don't see him looking up gaming cheats.) A big part of his life is studying martial arts under Sensei. He has good strength and stamina, especially lugging Terriermon around. Terriermon mentioned that Henry was teaching him tai chi (episode 11?). He also likes to read. His cardslash and biomerge scenes are filled with kata, and he does an impressive kick to release chi during Megagargomon's more powerful attack.

Family is a big part of Henry's life, though it seems he has the most contact with his little sister Suzie. He's closer to his father than to his mother, and takes after Mr. Wong in many ways, including in looks. He also shows frustration / anger in much the same way, by pulling his hair. (This little wrinkle appears between his eyebrows too, usually on his left, our right.) Maybe it's the dub, but he's rarely seen doing school stuff and he complains about being in school the most. He's probably bored with it, maybe? It's possible that he's in the accelerated track, which I believe puts you in a different set of classes. But that's just a guess.

- they have a purple pillow in the blue couch across from the TV
- they have a green carpet (area rug)
- they have two lamps - one tall and twisted and the other small and sitting by the TV
- there are five pictures on the far wall
[verbatim from LELOLA]

The Lees live in a high rise flat overlooking West Shinjuku. (That's the heart of Tokyo.) It has a small foyer, a kitchen / dining room, living room, at least one computer room, and probably a bedroom for each of the kids. That's extremely high end; if the rest of the Digimon series is any indication, most Japanese city kids have to share their room with another sibling. It's within sight of the Hypnos building, and the area where Guilmon emerged into the Real World. I believe it faces west.
Details I'm looking for: The Lees' flat number; what's on Henry's walls; Suzie's room. School of martial arts-- is it tai chi for certain? There are also episodes when he does wear something other than his standard clothes, but I don't have the tapes yet to check. If there are any mistakes, please e-mail me.

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