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No thanks. I gotta go. Ahhh... Merry Christmas!
Leaving so soon? Since this is primarily a research clearinghouse for all things Lee, I have many many sources. Please visit them (respectfully) and admire their information nexi.

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Hidden Paths Support RyRy! The first RyRy shrine on the Net, devoted to Lee and Ryo. Yeah, you heard me. Check it out for yourself.

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love is jenrya : 88x31 : 3.5K

love is lee : 88x31 : 3.5K

love is henry : 88x31 : 3.5K

reflections : 88x31 : 3.7K

love is in the midst of humanity : 268x95 : 12K

love is in the midst of humanity : 150x53 : 6.5K

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Dreamer's Channel Ohhh... oh, OMG... if you're one who likes to age Lee and then dress him up like the bishounen he is... Lee at full potential. Me-OW. And some of the other bishies too. Go to "Works" then T-Works. (There is a hidden link for adults.) Japanese only.

JEN RING Webring for Japanese only Jenrya sites. Expect broken links, but there are some treasures here even I haven't seen yet.

AQUALOVERS Be warned: high content Yamaki/Lee ("yamari" in the links). Lots of old school and Frontier too! Contains some stunning Lee fan art, including one Koushiro/Lee, and some attractive Yamaki/Lee. DJs: hilarious two-part dj of 01 Yamato on the glomp (Lee's seiyuu = Gabumon's seiyuu)... and yes, Lee in an apron. Bonus! Lee in a skanky Christmas dress, and Lee dolled up with a giant lollypop. Shameless. ^^; Click on the fifth menu link from the top for the gallery. Japanese only.

Lolita Cider Extremely cute Takato/Lee site. (Mostly Takato). I recommend illustrations 3, 7, 11, and 19. 8, 12, 13, 14 (which is after 15), are more strongly shonen-ai. The kiriban are great too.

Attraction Likely a crossbreeding site, but who cares? Everything's cute and tame. Japanese only.

ritaka site - Lee / Takato. Unexplored. Japanese only. //-->

Am I missing any sites? Drop me a line.

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