Hidden Paths (kakuremichi) : the first RyRy Shrine
You have come upon Hidden Paths (kakuremichi), the first and only RyRy shrine on the Internet. (If there are any sites more deserving of this title, in any language, please let me know.) RyRy is my invented term for the pairing of Lee Jenrya and Akiyama Ryo. Pronounced "ree ree", RyRy is a one-fangirl campaign to pair the two most eligible bishounen in Digimon Tamers. The shrine itself will contain only shonen-ai (boys' love), but there will be links to graphic yaoi.

Before you enter:

READ THE ENTIRE WARNING if you haven't already.

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"Hidden Paths" shares its guestbook with "ai zai", the Henry Wong / Lee Jenrya shrine. It may help to specify which site you're coming from.

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A picture of the Mizugaki-yamaThe splash logo for Hidden Paths has an altered background of Mizugaki-yama, a mountain in Yamanashi, Japan. It's the final western peak in the Chichibu range. The lush green forests represent the nature spirit of Terriermon and Lee's green D-Arc; the wide blue sky and mountain are for Ryo's white on blue D-Arc and his surname, Akiyama, which means "autumn mountain." The kanji behind the subtitle is "kakuremichi" which means (surprise, surprise) hidden path.
The name itself is for the total obscurity of Ryo and Lee pairings. Well, you're on the hidden path now, and with your help RyRy won't be obscure for long.

This season's header picture is Shibutsu-san in the Gumma Prefecture. The words are from Ryo and Lee's image songs. Ryo's is "Digital Survivor": a strange horizon / light piercing out from the sky / I'm here, standing against the harsh wind / open your eyes, wild heart. Lee's is the lovely "Mirai" (Future): the future I must walk / is illuminated by the light that guides me / courage is born, in my hands. (There's some better stuff in Mirai about the wind drying his tears being so cold he had to close his eyes but *that* is a run-on sentence and I couldn't fit it. *g*)

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