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Welcome to the fanfiction section! If you're from the main Digimon fandom, chances are you're looking for Henrika or Jenruki (that's Henry/Rika for you non-Digi-speakers.) Or, if you know my yaoi preferences, Jenkato or Takarya. The names just get weirder, yes. These pairings (or, gasp, a fic about Henry without any romance) are certainly welcome if you want to contribute.

If you're looking at Shusu's fanfiction, you'll find no such thing. Because you've just stumbled on the first Ryo/Henry fic nexus on the Internet. That's right. Ryo and Henry. How the two gorgeous bishounen of the series failed to be paired together, I'll never know. And I have a shrine to them too, with lots of proof. Okay, as close as you can get to proof. Truly, the most realistic outcome is ... Henry. By himself. In my opinion he's going to be single for a while, and he'll be okay with that.

As you may have noticed, I'm not too fond of the Japanese pairing systems. If you really must call this something, call it "RyRy" or "Ry2". Pronounced ree-ree. That way Henry, Jenrya, and "Ree" are all included. So, I hope you enjoy! I'm very proud of these stories.

Anything stronger than shonen-ai is housed elsewhere.


Most stories are built around or written with Dave Matthews Band songs. Any lyrics used are copyright to DMB and used purely for non-profit. All stories are shonen-ai (boy/boy) unless indicated.

: all my Tamers timelines, including more explicit ones, branch from here unless indicated

on the fence
Henry ponders Takato, and friendship.

the cold wind
The first battles in the real world bring many separations.

the grey ocean
Ryo's surprising take on an otherwise sweet scene.

a season for respite
On the eve of the final battle, revelations and rest.

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take me back TEASE
Directly after the final battle, Ryo and Jen regroup.

too many secrets TEASE
One of the Tamers is out of the loop.

Coming to Terms TEASE
Ryo and Jen are going out, all right. But how are the Lees coping?

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school days
Ah, the epic. Same universe as the aftermaths fics. Some will be set in junior high; the majority will be lumped into the Tsuru High saga. Explicit fics listed and housed elsewhere.

The Next Step TEASE
Ryo's in college. Jen's still in junior high. How old is ready? (linked to explicit version)

Tsuru High ONGOING
The Tamers enter high school. "Wherever you go, there you are."

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This page is a part of Hidden Paths, the Net's first RyRy shrine. Click here to return to the complete fiction page.

Want to contribute? Any *good quality* Henry fanfic is acceptable. No plagiarism / copying. No crossbreeding (no, not even Renamon.) Text or .doc files, .wpd files maybe. E-mail entries here.

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